As soon as she left for work Kam went back to his leap frog and plopped on the couch.I watched the last 15 minutes of 106&Park waiting for the #1 video to play until i head a high-pitched scream come from my bedroom door.I told Kameron to stay put and i dashed into our room holding one of Bahja's old crutches that she had to get when she was 14,she tried to so called "rock" our mom's old stilletto heels and fell crushing her own ankle on the last 2 steps of our apartment stairs."What's wrong?!" I had her left crush ready to aim and swing. "Oh my god!Oh my god!Oh my god!" She was jumping up and down on her bed,pointing at the laptop."you called me in here to show me something on the freakin laptop?!"I rolled my eyes ,annoyed and fustrated for wasting my time."Just come look."She waved me over to the laptop.Im already in here so i might as well look.I tossed her crutch under the dresser and hopped on her bed."Look."She pointed to an ad for SwaggedUp Magazine and clicked on the link.I scanned over the web page,wich read:Khalil Sharieff, singer and dancer that all the ladies love is coming back home to Sacremento, California. "This is what you wanted me to see? I love khalil and all but seriously i just missed 106&Pa_"She covered my mouth and i bit her finger."You little bitch!that hurt!just read the rest."She scrolled down the page wich read:After a long but successful tour,Sharieff is traveling all the way from North Carolina back home to Cali but before he does Sharieff announced at the May 5th March for Music with kids from all across America that he's choosing 3 teens from the state of his choosing and a friend of the teen's choice to meet him for the very 1st time on stage live in concert! his choice?? 

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