(The friday before me moved at a nearby blockparty) Janae:Y'all are seriously moving? Aaliyah:sadly, but yeah. Tatiana:Aww.Well instead of being all sad and shit, let's go have fun. Keisha:yeah, come on bitches.Let's go dance. Aaliyah:If you insist, whore. *We started cracking up laughing while walking over to the dance floor.Beez in the trap by Nicki Minaj plays*Keisha:Ahh shit. This is my song,yall better make some room. *We all start dancing,twerkin and jerkin till the night almost ova.*Keisha:I'm goona miss you soooooo much Aaliyah.I really dont want you to leave.*she started fake crying*Aaliyah:haha,you so stupid and you know if i had a choice i wouldnt leave. *I wiped away all her imaginary tears and hug her.Some random girl pushes between tatiana and janae.* Tatiana:Excuse me?!But i dont think you know who this is and i damn sure aint interested in knowin who you is so u betta go push someone else. Random chick:Bitch please.I am Nashae Jones and i dont fuck with trash so i reccomend you shutup. Tatiana:Oh hold up! Bitch wanna go. *takes off earrings and hands them to Janae and puts hair up* Nashae:come on, trick.You aint gone do shit! stop tryna act all hard and you know you aint. Tati:Boo,you need to stop sittin there runnin yo mouth talkin bout i aint gone do shit.Keep talkin and i bet you i will. Everybody:Fight!Fight!Fight! Aaliyah:I dont let no bitch talk to me like that.Y'all gone scrap or what? Tati:gone scrap?! im bout to mothafuckin kill this cunt! Nashae:bitch please.do somethin! Tati:Well you asked. *Tatiana grabbed nashae by her hair and smashed her knee into her ribs.Making Nashae fall to the ground cluthing her stomach.Tatiana kicks Nashae in the face,busting her bottom lip and leaving a bruise on her left cheek.Nashae tries to get up until tatiana takes someones drink and smashes the cup in nashae's face and throwing her back on the ground.She sets the cup on Nashae'a stomach then crushes the cup with all of her weight.*Keisha:I think she pretty jacked up now,You can stop Tati. Tatiana:that was only the beginning this bitch got ways to go! *Nashae stands up and punches tatiana when she's talking to Keisha.*Everybody:Oooh!*Tatiana grabs her face.*Tati:you little bitch. *she slaps nashae back and pulls her elbow behind her.then kicks her on the ground and punches her in the stomach.As nashae starts to get up,Tati grabs the back of her neck and thats when the police walked in.*Cop:Comin through!move people. Tatiana:Now here comes the damn popo to arrest yo ugly ass and proubally me too. Nashae:shutup stupid bitch. Tati:Step up bitch!Cause we can go again!*the cop starts pushing his way through the crowd.He finally gets to where we are and handcuffs Tatiana and Nashae*

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