The next morning Bahja and I had to get ready for school.She came out of the bathroom in: it takes her almost an hour to get her hair perfectly straight, her makeup perfectly flawless, and my time being perfectly wasted waiting for to come out in the next 10 or 20 minutes.I walked in our bathroom wearing: curling my dark brown hair with peek-a-boo caramel highlights. I brushed my teeth and did my makeup natural but still cute.I heard a knock on the door knowing that it was proubally one of my bestfriends waiting on us to get on the bus.We could drive ourselves but we all the love the bus.It's a time to hangout with your friends without having to deal with those stupid teachers.I walked out the bathroom turning the light off and closing the door behind me.I picked up my Hello Kitty backpack and handed Bahja her Spiderman one.We went in the living room and opened the door to see Keisha dressed in: "Somebody's lookin cute today."I just had to compliment Keisha on her outfit."And who might that be?"Sarcasim is one thing we both have in common."You of course!"She walked in and sat on our couch."well thanks,you look pretty cute yourself."She made herself comfortable while Kam came running out of his room wearing: ."Kameron!My little buddy.Come see."Kam ran over to Keisha and she hugged him the tightest she could."Somebody's swagged up today."I pointed out to kameron."I got swag."He said in his tiny little voice.We cracked up laughing and my mom left for work after saying hi to keisha and bye to us.Walking out to the bus,Kameron sat with his little friends in the front,Keisha and I sat in the back together, and Bahja sat with her friend Dasia in the front acouples seats infront of us."So you goin to the prom saturday?"Keisha has been waiting for this all year. "It's this saturday?!"I totally forgot about our junior prom."Yeah,you didnt forget did you?"She knew i did."Well yeah but speaking of saturday..."I knew i had to break the news sooner or later."Yeah?"She kept waiting for me to finish."Im moving saturday."I said the fastest i possibly could."What?!"Keisha threw her bag on the floor of the bus out of anger."Why!?"She was still pretty steamed."My mom's job is switching buildings."I tried to calm her but it wasnt working."I dont want you to."Keisha tried to get me to stay."I dont either but we have to."I still tried to console her."Fine but im still mad."She wouldnt let it go.

A MESSAGE FROM ME:I think i might be changing back the old way i write.The old way is like this: Jaden:Stop bein a lil bitch.Just go tell her. Justin:well first,i aint a bitch. And second what if she dont like me back? Jaden:then she just dont. Justin:fine but if things go bad you owe me. Jaden:and if things go good you owe me. Justin:whatever man. *Justin walks over to Kaylyn* :So is that better or how i have it right now.cause i rlly wanna do the old way cause it's faster.Yet the new way is more detailed.but i could do it like this:Tasha:What do you want?! Prodigy:I just want to talk to you. Tasha:Well talk! Prodigy:are you gonna listen? Tasha:no im gonna turn my ears off.Yes im gonna listen! *I took a deep breathe and sat down next to Tasha,hoping that this goes well.* Prodigy:I got Zonnique pregnant. *I put my head down and looked at my hands.I got the courage to look at Tasha and realized that she had left.Left the room and the ring.*:So i think i might do it like that?you like?Im going to start doing it like that and if you dont like it just let me know.THANKS!!!

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