Bahja and I looked at eachother."Are you thinkin what i'm thinkin?"I sat up and looked at the laptop keyboard."If it's we're gonna sign up to meet khalil,then yes I am."After she agreed we jumped and screamed right afterfilling out the online form to be chosen.Yelling and cheering in our bedroom we hear the front door shut and suddenly the room goes quiet."What was that?"I hopped off the bed and closed the laptop."I dont know!I was in here with you stupid."Bahja jumped down with me and headed for the door.I followed.We scanned the living room hoping to find Kameron chillin on the couch but instead all we saw was his Leap Frog."Aaliyah."She turned around to face me."Yes?"I tried to sound as brave as ever."Do you think..."She paused and started freaking out."Okay okay calm down.We'll find him we just need to be chill about this."I grabbed 5$ worth of the pizza money for gas and Bahja grabbed the car keys."Hurry up!"Bahja ran out first and i tagged behind.We looked around our whole, entire apartment complex."Bahja.."I managed to say while panting form running."Ye..ah?"We were even sweating.I was suprised she could get that one word out without falling over."We're dead when mom gets home."I said the word "dead" with so much strength."Well kam might be if you dont hurry your ass up and help me find him."Bahja gets mean when she's scared and when she's not.I looked around once more before calling Kameron's name to ever corner of the apartment building.We saw our mom pull up from the parking lot holding a box of cookies and her car keys."What do we do?!"Bahja started shaking and stuttering with every word."Umm..uhh..Run?"I was as clueless as she was so with that we took off and climbed up the closet tree.We watched our mom walk inside the house and close the door.Then all of a sudden we heard a giggle come from behind us.We turned to look and there right behind us,In the tree was little,Sneaky Kameron."Kam!"I grabbed him and hugged him the tightest i could."Where the hell were you?!"Bahja still with her potty mouth."I was looking for heidi."Kam's little girlfriend's name is heidi."Oh wow kam.thats why you had us trippen?"Bahja still doesnt understand that he's 6 and he's not as intelligent as a 19 year old."Lets go before mom comes."I wasnt about to get in trouble over this child."We all climbed down that big ass tree and ran inside."Where were y'all?"Our mom standing in front of the doorway slapping the spatula in her left hand."Umm..we were playing hide'n'seek!"Bahja yelled out."Bahja?Playing hide'n'seek?you sure about that?"She was getting on to us."Oh yea of course i love hanging with my little sibs!"she started squeezing me and kameron in a big ol granny hug.Me and kameron broke her hold and started walking away slowly."Okay?Honey,You sure you feel alright?"She put down the spatula and started checking bahja's tempature with the back of her hand."Yeah im fine.why?"Bahja was so confused but we knew where this was going."You've just been acting kinda differen_"I started screaming and grabbed bahja towards the tv.



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