*During lunch* Sarai:So you like Cali so far? Aaliyah:Yea its cool. Rocroyal:How about the people? Aaliyah:yall are great its just specific people that i cant stand. *She looks over in khalil's table direction* Lil twist:O i see.Idk why he sittin wit layah & india & dem. he usually sit wit us. Sierra:yeah thats weird. Prodigy:Oh well. So wats ur next class? Aaliyah:Dance/Music Jawan:I got that too so we can walk together Aaliyah:K but i need to go to my locker first. Jawan:Ite me too. Aaliyah:Then i got art.Any of yall got that? Kayla:Me! Aaliyah:Okaii good. Prodigy:ME and roc's friend has that class.You kno rayray? He cool you'll like him. Aaliyak:Alright ill remember that. *After lunch at aaliyah's locker* Jawan:You ready? Aaliyah:Yeah lets go. *closes locker and starts walking away.Aaliyah looks up and meets direct eye contact with khalil.As soon as she looks up they both look away* Jawan:You alright? Aaliyah:Yea lets just go. Jawan:Aight if you say so. *In dance class* Mrs.Bradley:Good afternoon class before we begin i would like to introduce two new students we have today.This young lady right here is Aaliyah Michaels. *She gestures over to her* And this young man is Roshon Fegan. *Aaliyah and roshon wave* Mrs.Bradley:I ask that each and every one of you make sure these two feel at home.Especially you khalil and not the way your thinking. *Class starts laughing* Khalil:what you talkin bout mrs.B i already have. Mrs.B:o rlly? *everybody starts laughing aaliyah and roshon confused* Jawan:Haha,want me to fill you in? Them:Please. Jawan:Haha well everytime we have a new student a girl specificlly we're told to make them feel at home and comfortable being here but khalil doesnt just do that he usually messes around with them for acouple of weeks its hilarious when the girl gets upset when he dumps her. Aaliyah:Seriously? He does that shit?! Jawan:Haha yeah why? Aaliyah:No reason. Mrs.Bradley:Okaii now everybody go change so we can start.*Aaliyah changing into:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=50... .Aaliyah's Pov: Okaii,so maybe Bahja was alittle right.You kno what fuck it she was right and i should've listened. end of pov.Walks back into dance room.* Mrs.B:Okaii so first thing,before we start i need to put yall in groups. I need my hiphop boys over here my hiphop girls over there and my ballet peoples hit the wall for a second.*The boys go over a routine they learned last week and roshon picks up fast.* Mrs.B:Okaii that was better i like it.Girls you ready? Them:Yepp. *She plays Scream By:Usher And shows the routine to Aaliyah.They go over the routine.* Mrs.B:Layah im gonna need you to work on that pin drop cause thats just not doin it for me. Layah:Well damn,Im not that advanced! Jawan:You need me to help you? Layah:No i got it! Mrs.B:Okaii well run the music back and layah can do it by herself since she claims she has it down. *They the music back and layah messes up again* Mrs.B:Michaels,Harris help tha girl out while we run it back. *Jawan & Aaliyah take Layah to the back of the room and try to help her.*Aaliyah:I think your problem is simply after the pindrop dont pause you have to go straight into your scuba hop cause if you wait your timing will be off and youll lose balance. Layah:I kno what im doing and what makes you think you kno how. Jawan:Layah,shes right and she can actually do the dance for one. Layah:Whatever. Aaliyah:Jus try it. *Layah keeps redoing it and aaliyah and jawan help her and in about 3 minutes she gets it down* Layah:I got it! Ms.B:OKaii come show us and thankyou jawan and aaliyah. Jawan:No problem but it was mainly aaliyah. Ms.B:O well thx aaliyah. Aaliyah:Haha no problem.Ms.B:Okaii class is almost over since yall did so good today in want yall in partners boy and girl.In our next performance we're going to have some flips and raises so i need yall to trust eachother,We're going to do some trust excersizes so we're going to draw partners.*Everyone pulled a peice of paper in the opposite gender box and Ms.B counted to 3 for us to look at them*1..2...3..Look. *Aaliyah flipped hers over praying she wouldnt get someone bad or khalil or one of layah's stupid friends.Looking at the paper she regretted even knoing who her partner was...*Jawan:I got Cassie!That girl has two left feet. *Aaliyah silent* Jawan:who'd you get? Aaliyah:.....Khalil

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