needing love (A Khalil Sharieff Love Story)

needing love (A Khalil Sharieff Love Story)

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valerie Perez By AAdaugo Updated Oct 13, 2013

"Aaliyah! Bahja! Kam! Come see!" My mom called us from the kitchen,

interrupting me from watching 106&Park. "What?!" Bahja in her usual grouchy mood, as allways. Kam looked up from his green and blue Leap Frog game and i walked over to meet my mom in the kitchen while Kam dragged behind me and Bahja stomped over."I got a call from work and it seems i have to go in late so im gonna need yall to behave for bahja_"She started explaining about her emergencey night shift,but just like the impatience of Bahja we've all come to know and hate, She interrupts. "Behave for Bahja?! I dont think so! Im goin over to Chelsea's house at 7."Kameron stopped paying attention and managed his way back to his leap frog game."Well, Im sorry sweetie but you'll have to go another time."Wheny my mom says sorry she usually means it and this wasn't one of those times.When Bahja goes to Chelsea's house she only goes there to see chelsea's brother wich happens to be Bahja's boyfriend.She thinks our mom doesn't kn...

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