all together

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*They next morning it turns out that they let tatiana go with a warning.But she's grounded till proubally forever.After Bahja and I got dressed and packed, Janae,Keisha,Tatiana, and Bahja's friend Dasia came over.*Keisha:I'm gonna miss you ,love! *she hugged me really tight* Tati:me too! Janae:and me! *we had a group hug then i grabbed my suitcase* Keisha:I'll text you everyday and skype you every weekend cause you know how strict my dad is. Aaliyah:Haha okay.Bye guys.I'll miss yall! *i hugged them once more then got in the car.Bahja said goodbye to her boyfriend and Dasia.While our mom was in the drivers seat and Kam was chillin in the backseat.He said his goodbyes at school already.We waved and started heading to the airport.On the Plane i was sat in the same seat as Kameron and Bahja was put with some girl while our mom was sat with a nice older woman.Kam and I was jammin the whole way listen to Pandora on my phone and eatin sour skittles and drinkin Arizona tea, Livin the life.Once we landed and got off the plane I actually began to notice the beauty of California.* Bahja:Ahh Shit!*Bahja almost tripped off the escalade* Mom:Bahja!dont make me pop you in front of all these people. Bahja:well dang. *We got in the limo to take us to our new house wich looked like: After we sat down all our stuff ,we packed then went to bed.Bahja and I's room looked like: .Bahja had the bed on the ground and i had the one up the ladder.The next morning wich was a sunday our mom went to thank her boss for helping us pay for our house since it was such an urgent move so she dropped Kameron at a daycare that she wanted him to start going to afterschool and made Bahja and me come with her.Bahja and i got dressed in our room.Bahja:Do you even wanna go? Aaliyah:Not really, but we should get to know the city and atleast thank Momma's boss for helping us out. Bahja:Whatever, but im gonna make momma regret for makin me go. Aaliyah:and how's that? Bahja:by wearing this.*Bahja walked out of the closet wearing: *Aaliyah:Super cute outfit, but you know momma aint gone let you have your stomach showin like that. Bahja:thats the point.She's gonna make me stay if i wear this. Aaliyah:Ooooh.I get it now. *Aaliyah wearing: * Bahja:Oh my god!You gotta let me borrow that shirt! Aaliyah:If you can fit it. Bahja:I'll squeeze. Aaliyah:haha okaii. *We get in the car* Mom:Ummm..young lady?Where do you think you're going with that much skin showing?! Bahja:whats wrong with it? Mom:whats not wrong with it!Go put a tank top under it. Bahja:ugh fine! *Opperation stay home:Failed. Bahja goes in the house to change while kam and me were in the backseat.After we dropped off Kameron,we walked up to our mom's boss's house.Bahja kicked a bunch of pebbles on the sidewalk while I texted Keisha and our mom rang the doorbell.Her boss Ms.Terri opened the door.*Ms.T:Hey,im glad you could make it. Mom:Yeah,And im glad we could come. Ms.T:So who are these young ladies? Mom:this is my 19year old Bahja and my 16 year old Aaliyah.My 6 year old Kameron is at daycare. Ms.t:Oh i see.Nice to meet you. *She shook our hands and invited us all inside and leaded us to the couch.*Ms.T:so how's Cali goin for yall? Mom:pretty good.Im just hopin that school will be just as good for them. Ms.T:Oh yeah.I hear that goin to school as a new kid is pretty tough but im sure they'll get through it.Speaking of wich,i think my nephew could help you two get to know some of the other students.I believe he's around your age, Aaliyah.He should be upstairs with my sons playing the xbox.You two should go up and introduce yourselves. Mom:go ahead i'll come get yall when we're ready to leave. Aaliyah:Alright,come on Bahja.

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