AUTHORS NOTE: The picture on the right is of Renesmee in her evening gown. The video on the right is the song by Tchaikovsky that they danced to.

Over the next hour I was taken hostage by Anne in their home. I was her canvas as she went to work on giving me a formal air of elegance. It took thirty minutes for her to do my hair, ten for my make up and another twenty to get me into my dress.

When I was finished she moved me to stand before a large guilded mirror with Celtic engravings along the aged wooden frame. I glanced at my reflection and only half recognized myself.

I looked mature, beautiful in the way that aunt Rosalie did.

My curly hair was pulled back and clipped with a diamond encrusted stone so it hung over my shoulder but kept out of my face. A deep crimson shade painted my lips and there was a faint trace of cosmetics on my cheek bones to bring out my natural blush that normally came and went.

The dress I wore sparkled in an opal shade as it clung to my skin. As I looked down I noticed the bottom frayed in a feather-like manner. It was definitely different in a beautiful way. Upon further inspection I noticed that there were tiny diamonds embedded in the fabric of the dress.

"This is beautiful, thank you Anne." I said as I turned towards her.

She placed her hand on my jaw and smiled like Esme did when she looked at me. "I've always wanted a daughter I could dress up like this."

I felt my face blush. "Thank you."

She ran her thumb along my cheek once before dropping her hand back by her side. "No lady Renesmee thank you." She turned towards her large dresser to retrieve a golden clutch that she handed to me. Then she picked up a pair of diamond chandelier earrings. "These were my mothers, she wore them during her courtship with my father."

"I don't have pierced ears." I admitted.

Anne chuckled. "Neither did my mother, you see they are clip ons." She winked. "Back then jewelry was a luxury that only the wealthy could afford to wear but my mother was terrified of getting her ears pierced so she had them specially altered for her."

Very carefully she loosened the clasp and fitted them to my ear lobes before taking a step back.

"It's time, the ball room has been set up for your evening with my son."

In the next half a second Charles entered the room and held out his right arm across his chest before taking a slight bow, keeping my eye contact the entire time. "May I lady Renesmee." he asked before extending his hand out towards me.

I smiled shyly and curtseyed before taking his hand. "Thank you." I chimed.

Just as we headed out the door a elegantly dressed Anne was at my side taking my other arm into hers just like her husband. Then we headed down the stairs through a narrow hall I had never been through before and stopped before a pair of thick mahogany doors that stood ajar.

Then he was before me, he stood in the doorway with his hands in his pockets, the picture of nonchalance, and even as a half-mortal, he was too handsome for words. His dark blond hair had been combed back, falling softly around his face, and his blue eyes, though they should've seemed pale against all the white in the ballroom, glimmered more brightly than anything. And they were fixed solely on me.

He bowed just like his father, a large smile playing host to his lips. "May I-" Somewhere in the back ground a beautiful song began to play. "-have this dance." he grinned.

A child-like giggle slipped through my lips as I placed my hand into his. He took lead and we spun to the center of the ballroom floor where he began a gentle waltz. We swayed and turned to the music. He even dipped me a few times.

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