I was standing in the center of a circular room. The low lights cast shadows upon the stone walls. In the distance I could hear a faint dripping as if I was underground in a sewer of some sorts and there was a faint scent of blood.... human blood.

Then it was as if I was being pushed from the room. I was moving effortlessly through a maze of halls, everything a blur. Left, right, freeze, back, right, right, left, right, freeze once more.

The room I stood in now had a platform near the front. On that platform were three throne-like chairs with high backs. Sitting in those chairs were the three leaders of the Volturi. Aro Caius and Marcus.

I turned 160 degrees only to see Tyler, two of him. The one on the left looked normal but the one on the right had flawless pale skin and blood red eyes. He was standing straighter then his other more human self. I could tell he wasn't human because he didn't make breathing motions with his shoulders, there was no heart beat to be heard and there was blood trail along his lips.

Between the two Tyler's stood Felix. He stood in place as if he was waiting for something to happen.

I kept my eyes on the human Tyler. He looked confused, scared.

"Why would you let this happen to me Renesmee, I thought we were family." His voice echoed itself.

I wanted to reach out to him, to apologize but I couldn't move a muscle nor could I speak. I kept thinking over and over of how sorry I am. I thought about how I warned him and told him to turn away from it all but he just kept coming. I wanted to scream at him and tell him that he promised not to ever leave me but I couldn't do any of it. I was useless.

Then I heard him screaming and I finally found my voice and legs, only I wasn't moving quick enough. I turned my head and saw as two of the Volturi guards were racing to my side. They were faster then I was. I was in their clutches before I could fully take my first step.

"NO! Leave Him!" I screamed.

Where was my dad, my mom. Certainly they should be nearby, they could save us. They could fix my mistake and make everything better. I called for them and they appeared only they were laying in a pile of dismembered limbs. They were dead. Then one by one the rest of my family appeared in the same way making the pile bigger. Once all my members were there it caught on fire.

"Renesmee." I heard Tyler groan and I glanced up just in time to see a Volturi member sink his fangs into his neck.

In the next half second I watched him be released and saw his body. Before he fell to the ground his body seemed to evaporate into thin air.

"TYLER!" I screamed.

The guard members who had me released me and I crumpled onto all fours where I began to weep. My family was gone, my best friend was gone. I had nothing left.

"Renesmee." It was Tyler's voice calling out for me only it was different, more musical like my parents.

I glanced up as saw Tyler discarding the familiar body of Jamie. She was pale and lifeless. I knew he had drank her dry.

His mouth turned up in the corner and he flashed his teeth before letting a growl rip through him.

"You smell sweet." he smirked before he lunged forward towards me. Before he reached me he froze and the room began to shake angrily. The ceiling and walls around us began to shatter and fall.

"Renesmee! Renesmee!" It was Tyler's voice only it seemed so distant.

I looked up just in time to watch helplessly as a large part of the ceiling broke away from the foundation and began its quickened descend towards me.

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