When we got to the marina my father and I parked and got onto our boat before we headed north. I quickly recognized this as the same route I had taken with Nicholi. In another fifteen to twenty minutes we began slowing until we were idling before a beautiful modern styled manor. It was slightly bigger then our home in Forks but not as big as our house here. The exterior was made of a aged red stone that was covered here and there in moss and ivy vines. The windows were white and had blue shutters. I was even able to make out columns standing here and there to support the back porch and wrap around decks.

"This is mine?" I asked.

My father nodded his head as he pressed a button on a pager like item. I turned back to the house and smiled to myself as I watched one of the two water garage doors open. Once we were in the clear my father drove the boat into the garage and resecured the doors.

"This is the first house Carlise, Esme and myself shared as a family." My father said as he stepped out of the boat.

I followed him, my eyes swiftly grazing the room before me. There wasn't much in the water garage except a boat that was sleek and sharp in its look. It was small and looked to only provide room enough for only 5 people.

"Let me give you a tour." My father said before he walked through the only door that led out of the room.

The next room was a small hall. The lighting was dim but bright enough to give the color of the dark brown walls and the thick carpet that ran the length of the stone floors. I noticed near the ceiling and floors there were ornate carvings. A lion holding a shield maybe.

This hall had only two doors. One just to my right and another at the end. The doors matched the dark heavy theme of the walls.

"That's the laundry room." My father said nodding towards the furthest door as he opened the other.

This door led to a large circular foyer of sorts. It was bright in its interior with several lights flanking the walls that were dressed with a white, grey and blue wallpaper. The floors were a white wood and the ceilings were a off white.

"The stairs lead up to the bedrooms. The door to your left is the library and office and the door across from that leads to the main part of the house." my father gestured to each.

I followed him through the door and came into a short hall that branched off with paned white doors. The see-through visual let me know that the sitting room was on the left and the kitchen was on my right.

"The dining room is down the hall to your immeadiate right, or you can access it simply by cutting through the kitchen. The sunroom is accessible by cutting through the sitting room. It is also the shortest route to get to the gardens and green house."

"There is a garden?" I thought vampires tried to avoid the light.

My father smiled. "The garden has always been kept up so its in perfect condition. I also believe harvesting season is soon."

"But you don't eat, why would you need a garden?"

My father shrugged his shoulders. "Before Esme was a vampire she used to grow things, vegatables, fruits, flowers. It was more of a hobby then a chore to her so it stayed with her. Normally she would give the food away to the needy but now that you will be living here you can put it to use."

My father placed his hand on my back and steered me towards the front door where an expensive looking alarm system sat on the wall.

"We had a security system placed for your own saftey. We had our family from Denali come and twerk it so instead of alerting the police it alerts us and only us. If anything breaks in here we will be a short distance away." I nodded my head. "There is also a second control box upstairs in your bedroom along with one more that is inside the panic room."

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