I sat beside Nicholi as we headed through the waterways towards my home. I could feel his eyes on me as we rode in silence. The night air blew through my hair causing it to whip around my face like dancing flames. It was a normal crisp aired night only it had more meaning then just an average day. For the first time, on my own, I have discovered someone like myself.

I will admit that he isn't the first half being like myself that I've known but he is one that I'd like to get to know more. Maybe its just self-fulfillment that I happened upon him on my own. Maybe he's my destiny. All I know for sure is that there was something between us, something that made me want to keep him in my life.

It was just minutes before 9 when we tied off at the deck.

"Keep in contact." Nicholi said as he tucked a paper into the pocket of my jacket.

I gave him a frail smile and slipped from the boat. I watched from the deck until they disappeared and decided it was time to go inside. I barely made it through the front door before it was closed behind me.

"Hi daddy." I smiled before I made my way up the staircase.

"Renesmee we need to talk." my father said to me as he caught my arm.

I pulled my arm from his grip. "Okay but now is not good. Tomorrow maybe I'm tired."

He caught my arm again. "Let me rephrase myself. We are going to talk and you are going to listen whether you like it or not. For a while we've been letting you do whatever you wanted but that is going to change. Rules will be laid down and they will be obeyed or else."

I shook my head. "No. You can't make me listen to your rules. I'm an adult I have no rules."

"That is where you are mistaken." He stooped down and threw me over his shoulder before taking me to our floor. "Adults have rules Renesmee and like a responsible mature adult we follow them without hesitation or question. If you want to be treated like an adult you will do the same."

He opened my bedroom door and then closed it behind us.

"Mom won't let this go."

"Renesmee honey-" It was my mother voice. "-You are out of control you need to be tamed or worse consequences will come to you." she looked troubled as she spoke.

"Mom?" I pleaded. My mother and I had a special bond so there was a chance I could weasel my way from these rules.

She shook her head. "Renesmee this was my idea. I don't want my daughter acting like a spoiled out of control brat. I'm not going to have it."

I was sat on my feet in the center of my room where my grand piano usually was. That's when I realized my room was different. Everything was missing except for my desk and a stack of books.

"What is this? What did you do to my room!" I screamed. I tried to flail my arms but they were pinned at my sides by my father.

"You are grounded and will remain in this room until you prove that you can act the way that is expect of you." My father responded.

"You have 87 credits left to finish in order to gain your diploma. While you are figuring out how to correct your behavior you can finish your school. Responsible adults graduate high school and then go to college."

I stared bitterly at them. I couldn't believe they were doing this to me it was completely unfair. I was a special person. I was the daughter of vampires, I didn't have rules or regulations. I wasn't normal like everyone else.

"How long do I have to be grounded?" Was the only response I could muster.

My father and mother looked at one another.

"That all depends on you." My father responded.
"What If I get hungry?"

"You will have meals brought up to you at the appropriate time." My mother responded.

"What about Tyler?"

"What about him?" My father replied. I didn't respond. "He has been informed on your grounding when they returned to the house. He is grounded as well along with Penelope and Matthew, who are accepting it like adults do."

I scrunched up my forehead and glared at them. "This isn't fair."

"Life isn't fair Renesmee Carlie Cullen. You out of all the people in the world should be grateful because you have the time to accomplish anything and everything you want to in life. Humans get to live for about 6 or 7 decades and then die out." My mother replied.

My eyes grew wide at that moment when it dawned on me the bigger picture of her words. Humans eventually die out. My grandpa Charlie was a human and I wasn't stupid to know that he was in his early to mid forties.

Tears immediately began to fill my eyes before I broke down and cried. "I don't want grandpa Charlie to die, I love him."

I felt my mother and fathers arms around me.

"Neither do I." My mother whispered. "But it eventually happens. The only thing I can tell you is to make sure that when it happens that he leaves this world proud of you."

I sniffled before clenching tighter around my parents. "I want you and dad to be proud of me too."

"Oh baby we are always proud of you we just wish you would listen more. Your father and I love you so much and we just want what is best for you."

I released them from my hug and wiped away a final tear. "I promise I'll be good and I'll listen and do my school work. Just don't be mad at me."

My father pressed a kiss to my cheek and then my mother before they turned and left from the room. Once I was alone I felt the exhaustion of the day wash over me, it was definitely time to head to bed. After I was in my pajama's I went up to my bed and pulled out my phone to begin texting Jamie.

Renesmee: Sorry I didn't text you earlier I got caught up in life.

Jamie: No worries, want to come over tomorrow after school?

Renesmee: I'm home schooled remember, plus I'm grounded for going into the city by myself.

Jamie: Oh yeah I forgot. Well when you get ungrounded I definitely want to hang out again. Maybe we can go get our hair and nails done or something.

Renesmee: It's a plan. Night.

Jamie: Night.

I was laying upstairs in my bed about to text Nicholi when my bedroom door opened. I took a whiff and immediately smelled a forest scent. It was Jake.

"Go Away!" I shouted.

"Hey Ness, you okay?" I could hear his footsteps on the stair.

"Well I was recently tortured, my friend attacked, I barely saved his life and then I find out he was in love with my mother and still is because some freak accident that burned away every feeling he had for me but left the old ones. Yeah I'm just peachy Jacob."

"Whoa what?" He said as he came out on the landing.

"I know you used to love my mom and now you love her again. I could see it in your eyes when you look at her."

Jake took a seat on the edge of my bed. "Renesmee I can assure you that I'm not in love with your mother. It's you I love." He ran his fingers through my hair.

"But I saw you."

"You saw me staring at her but you don't know what was running through my mind."

"My father said you were thinking about her."

"He was right but I wasn't doing it voluntary." He placed his hand on my shoulder. "It was like someone was replaying old memories and I was stuck watching them, unwillingly."


"Renesmee, I'm in love with you. No one else, just you." He pulled me, roughly, against his chest and pressed his lips against mine.

A surge of tingles galloped through my body and I couldn't help but return the response in a desperate attempt for more.

Then it was over.

"Jake, I have something to tell you."

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