Sometime during my and Tyler's swim I lost all interest in trying to get back at Jacob. My mind was preoccupied with something else, or someone. There was something about Tyler and the way I felt when I was around him. I felt safe, sure, normal. I didn't worry about anything. I forgot about the complications of my future and the problems that could soon arise. All that mattered to me was this one moment between us.

The sun was setting when the party began to disperse. Tyler and I were sitting in the boat house loft watching it from the window. It was beautiful.

"Beautiful." Tyler smiled as he glanced at me.

I shrugged my shoulders. The sunset was okay but I've seen better in the time since I was born.

"It's alright." I sighed as I crossed my arms in order to keep warm.

"I meant you Ness."

I turned and looked at him for any sign of joking. I never thought about myself like that. Sure I've been told by my family and... Jake, but that's different. I was just called beautiful by a person who hadn't known me since I was a infant.

As I held his gaze I felt my cheeks flush.

"Thank you?"

For several long minutes we just stared at one another. No words were spoken, no moving was done. It was just observation of one another.

"You don't think you are beautiful do you?" he asked me.

I pursed my lips. "Whether or not is irrelevant because I never thought about my outward appearance on those terms." I paused to ponder my next choice of words. "I know I look like my mother and father."

Tyler's face blanked. "So I'm going to guess that you are not adopted."

I began wringing my hands nervously together before slowly shaking my head. My expression was guilty because I was. I just reveled a small piece of my families secret.

Raising to my feet I grabbed my clothes and made my way down the stairs to the main floor of the boat house. I could hear Tyler calling my name. From the consistency in his close distance to me I could tell he was following me.

"Just leave it alone Tyler, you don't need to know this."

He grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him. "Why are you keeping me out?"

I released myself from his grip and stepped back. "I'm keeping you out to protect you. Please you are digging yourself a grave that me nor my parents will be able to dig you out of. Just do yourself a big favor and leave it alone."

Turning on my heal as quickly as I could I ran to the house. I felt exposed from the constant questioning from Tyler. I wanted to feel secure again.

Only when I shut my bedroom door did I notice I wasn't alone. I tasted the air just as I turned around. Both my senses and my sight told me it was my parents.

"Renesmee," My mother crossed the room. Her expression was worried.

"Mom, what's wrong?" I pulled my clothes tighter against my body as I walked further into the room.

"You need to keep in mind the consequences of expressing our secrets." My father said.

"I know daddy. I walked away."

"Not before telling him enough to keep his mind on the subject at hand. I read his mind, he isn't going to give up. He is determined to know everything."

"And I am determined to not have the Volturi making anymore appearances into my life. I won't say anything."

"Be careful with what you do say because if the Volturi feel like there is a threat to our secret they will act. Tyler will be-"

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