For three days I sat by Jacobs side while he screamed in agony as the venom burned through him. The only time his screams let up was when he was pleading for a death that couldn't be given to him.

Of course I'd be more then willing to oblige but Sili wouldn't allow it. The only thing on her mind was the greater good and by saying that she wanted to protect her family back at the Reservation in La Push.

All I wanted was for the pain to stop and nothing else. I wanted my friend free of pain.

"Renesmee I need you to move." Sili said. Simeltaneously, Nicholi who had been with me this entire time, had grabbed me gently and moved me to the side.

"What is wrong?"

Wordlessly Sili bent over Jake's writhing body and placed her hands on either side of his temples. Her eyes closed and her face seemed to be focused. A humming filled the room, emmiting from deep within her and then it grew unnaturally warm. Then her eyes opened.

"He should be waking up in a minute." Sili said as she rose to her feet. "He's going to be very thirsty so I suggest you both leave."

I shook my head frantically. "No. This could be the last time I see him."

Sili rolled her eyes. "Suit yourself then but don't be shocked if he lunges for your throats." She sniffed the air and then sighed. "Especially you dear. Your blood smells appetizing." Nicholi hissed.

"I can get some blood if it will help. My family keeps it stored incase of a rainy day."

Without a word Nicholi left the house.

It wasn't even a minute before he returned with five wine bottles full of blood. He carefully placed them beside Jake and moved back to my side where he took a stand infront of me.

I watched the final seconds of Jacob transformation complete itself. His skin no longer had the bite marks near his neck. The russet color to his skin was a shade or two lighter and it looked perfectly smooth like marble. The stress creases that once inhabited his skin had been erased and his hair was slightly darker.

Then his eyes opened and the dark brown was no more. There was only red and there would always only ever be red.

In a swift movement he was on his feet and looking around the room. When his eyes landed on me he titled his head slightly.

"Renesmee." He spoke and his words were smooth and musical.

I smiled and a tear fell from my eyes. "Jake I'm sorry this happened."

He immeadiately frowned. "Please don't Renesmee."

"But you will be in pain because you can't be with me." I cried.

He moved forward and put his arms around me. "I am not too sure about that. You see, I remember what you meant to me only I don't feel it anymore. The connection we had is gone."

"But how can that be?"

"I guess the connection was burned away during my transformation." Jacob was at my side. "I may not feel the connection anymore but the memories can't be erased. No matter what happens from here on out I promise to protect you."

Sili held out a bottle of blood to Jake who looked at it and turned his nose up.

"Jacob please drink." She pleaded.

"Jake...." I repeated.

He looked at me and sighed before taking the bottle into his hand and chugging it. He tossed the bottle down and was at the next one drinking the contents away. Then another and another until the bottles were all empty.

I watched him, a frown upon my face, as he wiped the blood from his mouth.

From the window light was let in causing the room to illuminate. I turned my head to look at Nicholi as his skin began to glow. I smiled at the beauty that was him. Another bright light filled the room and I turned my head back towards the source only to frown. Jake was sparkling like my family.

Sili whistled bring us all to attention. "I think it's time that we go. I've put up a wall in your head in order to keep your newborn characteristics at bay."

"Okay then why can't you stay just a little bit longer?" I asked.

"Because the wall won't stay up forever and I'd like to get him back to the Volturi this year. A smart vampire never makes the Volturi wait." Sili replied. She held out her hand towards Jake. "Come."

I frowned as Jake turned away from me and headed towards the door, Sili on his tail.

"Thank you Jacob." Nicholi called out as he laced his fingers through mine.

I turned my head to look at Nicholi only to throw myself into his arms where I began to weep. Very gently he wrapped his arms around me and held me as I cried. Not once did he complain even after two hours had gone by.

"Renesmee I can't begin to explain how sorry I am for what you are going through."

"He loved me and I didn't love him back!" I cried. "He gave his live to the Volturi to protect me because he loves me. I don't deserve it!"

"Shhh. No Renesmee it's not like that. Do you think that if he knew you didn't love him that he would love you any less?"

I nodded my head.

"That's not what love is. If someone loves you they love you unconditionally."

"But you heard him say it yourself. He said he may not feel the connection anymore but the memories are still there."

"You said he imprinted on you right?"

I nodded my head. "The day I was born."

"Well like any human/vampire transformation a connection that was there will remain if that connection is thought of during the transformation. Was there a connection?"

"Yeah he was my friend and protector since September of last year."

"No I mean did he love you romantically?"

I shook my head. "Well sorta I guess. He was just beginning to get those feelings for me."

"Then they were just premature. His love for you in that way wasn't strong enough to survive the transformation so it was burned away. But the feelings of being your friend and protector are still there. He said he'd do anything he could to make sure you remained protected."

My tears dried up and my sobbs finally came to an end.

"Thank you." I smiled.

Nicholi smiled back at me. "Are you hungry cause I was thinking maybe we can go grab a bite to eat."

I shook my head. "No, there is something I need to do first."

I turned and headed to the hall by the door where my keys to my car sat beside my day bag. I picked them up and headed out the front door and walked to the garage.

"Renesmee where are you going?" I heard Nicholi call as he closed the front door behind him.

"I need to go to La Push and let his family know what has happened. I owe him this much."

I unlocked my car and got behind the wheel and buckled my seat belt. Nicholi joined me in the passenger front seat and did the same.

"I'm not letting you make that trip alone."

"What are you saying then, you are going to keep me here?" I asked.

Nicholi shook his head. "You said you need to do this so I'm coming with you."

I grinned as I stuck the key in the ignition and started the car. Then we were on our way. As I began our long drive to La Push I felt a bit of relief as I knew I wouldn't have to do this alone. Nicholi was here by my side. For how long, I didn't know. For now I was just going to treasure these moments.

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