AUTHORS NOTE: The picture to the right is of Nicholi

Since that day we danced together in the ballroom of his parents home we haven't shared another kiss. From that night it had been four and a half weeks, long weeks. It wasn't long before college started up and my classes started a week later than the others so I got an extra week to myself which was a plus.

I was laying out in the meadow, my head in Nicholi's lap when I felt him tense up before me. Suddenly he slid my head from his lap and was on his feet in seconds, hovering before me.

"Nic, what is it?"

"Vampire...." In half a second he straightened himself out of his crouch. "It's Jake and Sili." He nodded towards the back fence and sure enough they were coming towards us.

I jumped to my feet, tears streaming immeadiately from my eyes and ran the length of the yard before throwing my arms around him.

"Oh my goodness, Jacob I missed you so much!" He lifted me from my feet and spun me around like he used to before setting me to my feet.

"I missed you too Ness."

I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. "But how are you here, did you run away?"

Jake shook his head.

"We told them that if they want our undying loyalty to their coven we want to be able to come back here and visit atleast for a couple days a few times a year." Sili replied.

"And they didn't oppose?" Nicholi asked.

Jake grinned and shook his head. "Not at all. As long as we are loyal to them they have no problem."

"The only catch is Aro want's to see our memories when we come back and if we were unfaithful to him the consequences would be killing our families." Sili's expression was sour.

"Despite the fact I hate being a blood sucker I won't make waves, I love you guys too much." Jake replied. "It's not as bad as I thought though, I mean my gift is amazing."

"Can I see?" I asked curiously

Jake moved back a yard and a half and then the air around him began to ripple. Suddenly there was a deep growl and he burst into a large white wolf. This wolf form was bigger by three times, his fangs were bigger and sharper and his eyes were a blood red.

"His eyes are red...." I said as I moved to stand behind Nicholi.

"I know."

"Don't be afraid he won't hurt you." Sili said as she ran her hand along his mane.

It was weird seeing her stand beside him, his wolf form was insainly large and she was shorter than myself.

Jake phased back into his normal human form and grinned. "One of the best perks of phasing in this vampire life, my clothes don't shred anymore." He wrapped his arm around Sili and pulled her to his side before pressing a kiss to her cheek in which she smiled.

"You and Sili?" I asked.

Jake nodded. "Yeah, it happened shortly after we left to head back to Volterra. A nomad crossed us while we were hunting in the forest and I saved her." They exchanged a kiss on the lips.

"We just wanted to stop by on our way to La Push to say hi."

"La Push? Jake your family seemed upset about your turning."

"My dad will be fine."

"Except you have red eyes."

"I don't hurt humans."

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