I hadn't even taken a step before my father and mother were beside me once more. My mother placed her hand on my shoulder and gave me a feeble smile. I knew what was next. She was gonna give me the talk that ends with her having gone through this situation before which makes her know more.

"Renesmee you need to understand what you are doing to him."

"Mom, please just stop I don't want to talk about this anymore."

"Alright but let me just tell you a word of wisdom."


"Put yourself in his shoes and imagine him doing to you what you are doing to him. How would you feel."


"Renesmee, answer my question."

I crossed my arms. "Mom, please just leave it alone. Leave this alone." I turned to head up to the house but froze as Jake was heading towards me.

"Renesmee, Jake no longer see's you as a child so unless you want him to continue his affectionate advances on you I would suggest you do the right thing and tell the poor boy you don't love him." my father said.

Jake was just feet away.

"Shush." I hissed low enough that only my parents could hear it. I quickly put a fake smile on just in time for Jake to get to my side. "Hi Jacob" My voice sounded overenthusiastic.

"Ness." He grinned before placing his arm over my shoulder. I had to use all my self control to not shrug away from his touch.

When I looked at my mother I saw her shake her head. She was never gonna let me live this down.

"I was thinking that tomorrow you both can move in and get situated before the semester starts." My father said.

I glared at him. He just told me back at the house that I could stay with them as long as I wanted to. Now he is talking about me moving out.

"Dad." I groaned. "Not now."

"Renesmee I think it's the best option for you. Plus Jake can help you get your license."

I knew what my father was trying to do. He was trying to shove me and Jacob together so I would eventually be forced to deal with the situation of me not loving him. He was trying to blind side me.

"Yeah, I can definitely help you get your license. I'm sure in just a couple days you'll be outdriving me." Jake grinned.

I sighed. There was no way around this.

"You know what, why don't I just leave tonight if that's what you want." I snapped.

"Renesmee I just want you to get settled into your adult life." My father replied.

"You are a big fat liar!" I shouted. I jabbed my index finger hastily at my temple. "I can read minds, I can tell if you are lying or not." I growled.

"Then by all means Renesmee look into my mind."

I glared at him all the while I was using my gift to penetrate his mind. There it was the truth. My father wasn't lying. He really did want me to get settled into my adult life. He wanted me to be able to begin living like an adult and dealing with problems the way adults would. This is why he wanted me gone. He wanted me to solve my delimma with Jake which is what an adult would do.

As I exited his mind my face softened entirely.

"Uh what part of the argument did I miss?" Jake asked nervously.

My father gave Jake a tightlipped grin and patted him on the shoulder as he walked past him and headed towards the house.

"Ness you okay?" Jake said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into an embrace.

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