I remained in my faux unconscious state the entire way to the house. It felt like hours that I was on that boat with Jake at my side. Every few minutes he'd run his fingers through my hair and whisper sweet things to me about how our future together would be perfect, I would be happy and he would protect me and take real good care of me. It was hard to not reach out and tell him to stop. Soon though that time would come.

When I felt myself being laid down in my bed at my new home my mind was relieved. Now I would get time to myself.

"So what are the rules?" Jake asked, killing the ten minutes of silence we had accumilated.

"What do you mean?" My father replied.

Jake sighed and then I felt my bed jostle as he took a seat at the foot of my bed.

"I mean with Renesmee and I." There was a pause. "Why don't you just read my mind like you usually do Edward?"

I felt the tension rise in the room as I knew what was next.

"I would if I could."

"What do you mean?"

"Anyone within a certain range of Renesmee I can't read because of her sheild."

"Her shield?" Jacob's voice seemed confused.

"Long story but its not important at the moment. What do you want to know Jacob?"

There was a long uncomfortable silence. Though it was no longer then 94 seconds it felt like forever.

"The relationship between Renesmee and I, what are our limits," He coughed in a nervous manner. "Physically I mean."

I could have sworn my heart stopped and stuttered. Did he just ask my father that?

My father sighed. "My daughter is not a child anymore so she can speak on her own behalf."

After this was said by my father he then insisted that he showed Jake to his room, where he made it clear in his tone that he would be sleeping there and only there.

Now I was to myself.

I opened my eyes and glanced around only to gasp. My mother was still at my beside, watching me.

"And for a moment I would have bought your fainting spell if you hadn't gained consciouness the second Jacob left the room." my mother said to me.

My face was red and full of shame as I pushed myself into a sitting position.

"Guilty." I murmered as my face flushed even more. "I didn't know what to do so I panicked and pretended to faint."

My mother pulled me effortlessly into her arms and held me like she did when I was a child.

"Renesmee you need to tell him how you feel. You are an adult now and he knows that. He is beginning to see you in a differently light and there is no stopping it." my mother explained.

I let a growl escape through my lips. "Yeah I kinda figured that when he basically asked dad if he's allowed to deflower me." I shivered as I spoke those last words.

My mother chuckled. "Yeah he has some guts."

"For now." I giggled.

My father re-entered the room with Jacob who lit up when he saw me.

"I was so worried Ness."

"We were all worried." My father added.

My mother rose to her feet and joined my fathers side. "We will be on our way, we have dinner plans with Charlie."

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