Chapter Fifteen

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"I have missed you, my dear maiden"

The words caused a chill to run down your spine, not expecting this turn of events.

Artemis was a god of chastity, there he is holding you in an inappropriate way.

Thankfully, he removes his hand away from your mouth.

You struggled to free yourself, but his grip was firm, his muscular chest pressed against your back, and his chin laying on your right shoulder's blade.

Which is the most uncomfortable feeling.

"I have come here to inform you that I have ordered Agamemnon to not sacrifice his daughter" you announce.

"You dare to defy my will?" His voice was deep, yet gentle, filled with authority.

"Be realistic, Artemis, you call yourself the protector of women, yet you want a father to sacrifice his own daughter?"

Artemis's hand slipped from your waist to your lower back, tracing your spine with his thumb.

A jolt of electricity coursed through you, and you realized the deity's unexpected physical touch on your back was unsettling.

"Do not mistake my intentions," he whispered, his breath hot on your neck.

"I protect the innocent, and Iphigenia is one of them. My condition still stands" 

"That doesn't make any type of sense, punish Agamanon not his daughter, but there is a war to retrive Helen of Troy"

"What if I told you I'm doing all of that to stop the war?"

"What do you mean?"

"I simply wish that you don't waste your time with the Achaeans and stay with me"

Artemis answer now started to make sense, he is jealous and possessive.

Your eyes narrowed in disbelief as his words sunk in.

You couldn't fathom the idea of him right now trying to manipulate the situation to his advantage.

"I wish to have you as a wife now that you divorced my twin brother" he admits

"And what of your vow of chastity? Do you intend to break it?"

Artemis's laughter echoed softly, his arms still firmly wrapped around you.

"My vow of chastity won't be broken" he assures you.

The god of the hunt holds his long index and middle fingers up to show them to you.

Your confusion deepened as you stared at his fingers, wondering what he is trying to imply.

"I can take your virginity with those two fingers and you will enjoy it very well"

"And how do you know that I will enjoy it"

"I know you, and I know that my touch can bring forth pleasure in ways you've never imagined."

You grab his two fingers, pressing hard on them with your palm.

"I think we could make a good deal" you declare with a smile.

"And what might that deal be?" Artemis inquired, intrigued by your sudden change in demeanor.

"If you release the wind for the ship to sail, I will allow you a kiss"

"Only a kiss?"  

Artemis's eyes darkened, revealing his desire for more. His lips curled into a smile as he released you, his hands slowly sliding away from your body.

"Very well, your wish is my command."

With a flourish of his arm, the rustling of leaves could be heard, and the air around you began to stir.

He leaned his face closer, his hand gently cupping your cheek, his thumb brushing softly over your bottom lip.

The intimate gesture made you shiver, and you felt your heart race in anticipation for the kiss to come.

Your lips met, delicate and tender at first, but the passion quickly intensified.

Artemis's hand slipped from your cheek, sliding up to cradle the back of your head, drawing you in closer to him.

When you don't open your mouth, he stops kissing you, pulling away.

"Open your mouth" he orders.

The order caught you off guard, but you obeyed, parting your lips at his command.

His tongue met yours, exploring, tasting. It was unlike any other kiss you'd experienced. It was wild, and deeply erotic.

You pull away from him when you hear the familiar voice of Apollo echoing through the temple.

"Artemis, I have come to discuss something important"

The moon deity rolls his eyes at the awful interruption.

"See you"

With s smile given to him, you teleport away, in the same moment Apollo enters the room.

Seeing his brother in a flattered state, Apollo raises an eyebrow.

"Have you been busy doing something?" the sun god taunts.

"No, I wasn't doing anything"

Apollo chuckles, amused. "I see, you're lying, aren't you, brother? 

"What makes you think that"

"Your erection"

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