Chapter Six

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You found Apollo on the way to thebes, seated beside Hyacinth.

"Apollo," you said, your voice is steady but firm.

He looked up at you with a surprised expression, seemingly caught off guard by your presence. 


But also shocked at the presence of Zephyrus

Hyacinth stands up all of sudden once he sees, he approaches you carefully, examining every part of you from head to toe.

You look nothing like the statues he has in his chamber back at Sparta.

No, you look more divine and beautiful.

"I see that you have finally found a lover, and moved on" you mock him with a fake smile.

"It's not that, he is the closest thing I have to you, his playful atmosphere is the same as yours"

"You dare compare him to her?" Zephyrus voice shook, and you took an aggressive step towards him.

"How insulting to compare a mortal to (Y/n)" the west wind asserts mockingly.

The reason why you included Zephyrus in your plan is because he hates Apollo.

But surprisingly he doesn't even pay attention to Hyacinth as you thought he would.

"Why are you here, Zephyrus?"  Apollo demands

"To announce our relationship"

The sun deity turns his gaze to confirm what Zephyrus just said and all he receives is your emotionless expression.

"How could you betray me? I was going to leave Hyacinth once I'm reunited with you!"

Apollo knew he had no right to react like that but jealousy and bitterness of seeing you with someone else burned him from the inside out.

"You have disappointed me, Apollo. I thought you were different, but now I see that you are just like the rest of the gods. Greedy and selfish."

All you want to see on his face is the look of regret and sadness, you want him to feel like how you felt when you discovered his infidelity.

Meanwhile the argument continues on, Hyacinth only stares at you with a lovesick expression.

The Spartan prince is desperate to see you spare him one glance, to notice him.

"I'm greedy and selfish? Says you!"

Apollo finally snaps.

"You literally never allow our marriage to take a step further, you always act like I'm a monster even after I saved you from Anteros and gave you the space you needed"

Now, you start getting angry.

"And I was starting to trust you and give you a chance-"

Apollo sneers at you, cutting you off.

"Funny, is that why you manipulated me into believing we had sex? Yet you happily comply with your followers then you whine when I kill them"

"And that's awful too! You kill people without thinking there are restrictions"

Apollo's eyes darken with anger, and he takes a step towards you.

"I only did what was natural for me as a deity. I have desires that aren't subject to the same rules and restrictions as mortals." he grabs you by the neck.

"It makes me feel good to kill anyone especially your followers who literally wish to take you away from me"

Zephyrus pushes Apollo away from you and When your husband tries to attack him, Hyacinth intervenes.

His eyes filled with fear and uncertainty.

"Apollo, please calm down. We can still fix this, right?"

Apollo stares down coldly at Hyacinth.

And does the most unexpected, he pulls out one of his arrows before stabbing the prince in the chest.

"Your job is done here"

The prince falls to his death causing you to freak out as Zephyrus holds you in your place protectively.

After all, Apollo knows about Hyacinth's obsession with you.

And he is not stupid to allow a third party in his relationship with you.

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