Chapter One

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"How is your new life in the underworld?"

Hypnos asks you, while you two walk by the Nyx river.

Ever since you came to the underworld, Apollo has been forbidden to enter it by the order of Hades.

Also you were informed that Apollo went to Zeus to complain and find a solution.

But Zeus simply responded with "Keep me out of your marital problems, son"

Also Personphone got the news from her mother that Apollo discovered that you are still a virgin.

And he feels betrayed and furious.

Do you care?


Do you feel guilty?


Even though Apollo takes it too far sometimes, you can't forget how he took care of you after what Anteros did to you.

"Life is nice, Persephone treats me like a daughter, and Hades is depressed as always"

"Would you like to meet my father and brother, Thantos"

You nod at him.

"Yes, sure, I would love to"

As long as it's not scary Nyx, you are safe.

Because, in the book, Nyx is described as filled with darkness and evilness.

But you feel like you are forgetting something...


"(Y/n), this is my brother Thanatos, and this is my father, Nyx"

...and you forgot that in the book, Nyx is a man not a woman.

And he is very scary looking especially his eyes and hair style.

As you looked into Nyx's eyes, you couldn't help but feel like you were being looked through, rather than looked at

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As you looked into Nyx's eyes, you couldn't help but feel like you were being looked through, rather than looked at.

The dark aura surrounding him was palpable, and you felt like you were being pulled into a deep, foreboding darkness.

"Are you the deity of aid?"

Nyx's voice is cold and smooth as he speaks. His eyes glint, reflecting the pale light of the underworld.

"Yes, I am," I replied, my voice steady despite the chills running down my spine.

You try to avoid Nyx's gaze, feeling the dark energy pulsing through the air around you.

As you glance at Thanatos, you can see the same darkness in his eyes, a sinister aura that seems to suck the light out of the room.

Nyx takes a step closer to you, his presence looming over you. "Tell me, young woman. Where are you from?"

"I'm from Olympus"

"No, I asked where are you from?"

Nyx's piercing gaze makes you feel like he can see right through you, into your deepest fears and desires.

"Father, don't pressure her"

Nyx's eyes narrow, but he does seem to consider what Thanatos has said. Finally, he speaks.

"Very well. But remember, girl, this realm is not for you to stay in whenever you have a fight with your husband"

You stand tall and look Nyx in the eye, feeling the strength of the Underworld's power coursing through your veins.

"I appreciate your concern, Lord Nyx," you say with a steady voice. 

"I'm not concerned, I don't care if your skin melts off your bones"

Nyx turns towards his sons.


The two minor deities obey him and vanish, to leave you alone with their father.

A hint of a smile appears on his face.

"So, you are the foolish girl that bought my book"

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