Chapter Twelve

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I selected the mortal Paris to decide among the three of you," Zeus mentioned, holding the golden apple.

"That's a foolish decision," you declare to Zeus, stepping forward to face him.

"Why do you think that?" he asks, scrutinizing you with narrowed eyes.

"Because it would cause trouble, how can a shepherd make such a hard decision"

"My word is final, Paris shall be chosen-"

Before Zeus could finish his sentence, you transport yourself out of Olympus, shocking everyone.

"Has that girl lost her mind?" Athena spats, feeling annoyed.

"Far from it" Hera replies.

"I don't understand why you are even competing, I thought you didn't care about looks, Athena" Aphrodite mocks the goddess of wisdom.

Indeed, Athena doesn't care about looks.

However, she wishes to prove that she is more beautiful than you.


"Cannot I just give the apple to you?"

"No, I want you to not choose any of the three goddesses, ok, Paris?"

You rushed to where Paris is after realizing that Zeus won't change his mind.

Right now, you are trying to convince the young man not to give the golden apple he shall receive to anyone.

"Alright, but on one condition"

You give him a questioning look, feeling uncomfortable as he inspects you from head to toe.

"Be my wife and I won't choose any of these goddesses"

He approached you, placing his hands on your waist to try and kiss you by force.

In response, you forcefully pushed him away, causing him to fall to the ground.

"Why did you do that?"

"Because you tried to force yourself on me, bastard"

Paris stands up, his face turning red from how angry he has become by hearing your words.

"You just don't wish to kiss me because I'm a mortal and you see me as inferior to you"

Rolling your eyes at his accusation, annoyed with his frail ego.

"You know what, give the apple to whoever you want, but keep in mind, I won't take your side" you assert.

The fact that you did all of this so a war doesn't erupt and many characters doesn't die like Achilles, Patroclus, and Hector.

But why even bother? When you can just go to the underworld and live a peaceful life away from chaos.

Adding to that, Achilles is giving you the creep with what he just confessed.

Again, if Greek Mythology was a criminal record then most deities and heroes' crimes would be sexual assaults.

"What nonsense are you even talking about?"

Paris shouts in confusion, but you ignore him and transport yourself back to the underworld.


"Are you going to tell how I am going to return home?"

You ask Nyx who is sitting on his throne drinking wine.

Thanatos told you that his father wished to speak you as soon as you return to the underworld.

Here you in palace, waiting for the deity of the night to speak up.

"You will return when I see it fit"

Fuming intensely at him, you ball your hands into fists and shove them under your arms.

"Did you bring me here for your entertainment?"

All Nyx could see is you acting like a small child who is throwing a tantrum.

"Well, It's you who fall for the trap and bought the book, so you are here for my entertainment"

"What can I do to return home?"

"Reach the end of the book"

"The Trojan war?"

"Indeed, also you have to participate in the war and choose a side, (Y/n)"

You let out a sigh, processing your decision.

Apollo is on the Trojans side, and you really hate Paris, but like Hector and don't want him to die.

Finally, making your decision, you choose...

"Greeks, I choose the Greeks"

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