Chapter Eleven

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"My baby, come and hug your mother"

"Mother? You aren't her mother, I am"

"I became her mother first!"

"You didn't even give birth to her"

"Neither did you"

You quietly slip away from Persephone and Aphrodite as they argue over which of them should be considered your mother.

Walking around, you try to find the newlyweds couple to congratulate them on the wedding.

And when you see Thetis with Peleus, but there is a tall figure of a handsome young man standing between the two.

"Congratulations on the wedding, I wish for you two a happy fruitful marriage"

The nymph smiles upon realizing who you are as Peleus only nods.

Staring at you, the young man doesn't remove his eyes from your appearance for even one second.

"Thank you, this is my son, Achilles,  Achilles and Peleus, this is the goddess of breaking curses, (Y/n)" Thetis introduces.

You thought Achilles would be younger, more like an eleven year old, not in his early twenties.

The book you bought, didn't mention his age, it only mentioned his role in the war.

And how handsome and beautiful he is in physical appearance.

And very strong.

If Achilles looks like that then what does Patroclus look like?

"It's an honor to meet you, I visit your temple every three days, hope you have recieved my prayers"

Honestly, you thought no one would want to visit the temple after what Apollo has done.

But it seems like you still have many followers.

"Yes...I received them"

This is a lie, you don't remember him praying for you.

Achilles smirks as his parents go and greet the other guests.

"So you saw what I was offering you"

You stay silent, not knowing what he is talking about, making him continue as he leans towards you.

"I used to masturbate on your statues as an offering for you to accept my prayers"

Hearing his low voice mumble out such words made your face heat up.

Achilles is a pervert.

You feel abit disgusted, but you didn't except anything less.

This is greek mythology afterall.

You know that Apollo is standing nearby, watching you and Achilles speak.

"I will go now"

Without giving him a chance to speak, you leave him standing alone.

But while walking, your shoulders bump into another's.

"I'm sorry"

"Are you?"

His deep voice carries an icy chill as he gazes down at you with a cold stare.

What scared you is the head with wings flying behind him.

What scared you is the head with wings flying behind him

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"Would you like to have an apple?"

He offers you a golden apple, but you don't take it as a sinister smirk crawls up on his face.

"No, thank you"

This is Eris, son of Nyx and  the deity of discord and strife.

Him being a man makes your situation worse.

"Even if it would make you the fairest"

You smile slighty, shaking your head slowly.

"Aren't I already the fairest?"

Eris grins, narrowing his slightly.

"I couldn't agree more, my dear" 

He then turns around then disappears.

Not a second before throwing the golden apple high in the air, catching the attention of three goddesses as it falls before them.

Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena.

If you can convince Zeus to not choose Paris as a judge for who gets the apple.

You might stop an upcoming war.

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