Chapter Two

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You stood there, mouth hanging open in shock as Nyx vanished before your very eyes. You had so many questions for him, so much you wanted to ask him.

But now, he was gone.

The loss hit you like a gut punch, and you were filled with a strange mix of sadness, confusion and anger.

You were so close to solving all the mysteries, and now Nyx was just gone?

You stumbled upon Hypnos and Thanatos, and sit between them, as they lay on a blanket near the river.

Hypnos is sleeping and Thanatos is playing with a black flower.

"What did you speak about with my father?"

The death god asks, tearing off the flower petals in slow motion.

"Nyx told me an important thing then vanished off, curiosity is killing me"

Thanatos chuckles, before laying his head on your lap, looking at now the petaless flower as he holds it above his head.

"Father always likes to do that"

You frown at the new information.

"And why is that?"

"Because you left a bad impression on him"


On your way to Hades palace in the underworld, you keep thinking about what happened and what Thanatos said.

You sigh, feeling conflicted.

On one hand, you've made progress towards understanding Nyx and his motives.

On the other hand, you're once again left with more questions than answers.

You approach the gates of Hades' palace, your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps approaching you.

You turn to see the towering figure of Hades, the King of the Underworld, towering over you.

Hades pauses before you, his expression stoic and unreadable.

"Hephaestus has come to see you, but Persephone tied him up"

Your mouth opens when you remember what you asked of Hephaestion.

Your special designed weapon.


"I'm so sorry that Persephone did that, she is really overprotective but nice"

You say as you untie the magical ropes around Hephaestus.

"It's alright, I also brought your weapon with me"

Hephaestus pulls out the weapon which is...

...a ball.

"I apologize if I sound ungrateful...but why a ball?"

You inquire while taking the ball from him.

"Bounce the ball"

"Excuse me?"

"Bounce the ball, trust me"

You do as told and bounce the ball, it hits the ground.

Changing your whole appearance once it bounces back in your hand.

"What do you?"

Hephaestus pulls his mirror out to show you, your new appearance.

"You see this ball doesn't only disguise your whole appearance but when you use your powers no one can track you down or see the aura of your powers being used"

Your mouth forms an 'O' in amazement at the invention.

"That is better than putting my powers into a weapon" you say.


You pull Hephaestus into a tight hug as he hugs you back.

"Thank you so much, even though I didn't keep my promise, you still created the weapon for me"

He pulls away from, and pretends as if he is trying to remember the promise.

"Actually, I don't remember the promise...I think the 'thank you' hug that you gave me now was enough payment"

Suddenly the ball lights up white.

"What does this mean?"

"Someone calls for your help, the names shall appear now"

Suddenly two names crave themselves on the ball.

Mermerus and Pheres

You try to remember who those are.

But you remember that those are the two sons of Madea and Jason.

The two son Madea plots to kill as revenge for Jason's betrayal.

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