Chapter Ten

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"I don't need any lovers, I'm fine being single, isn't it enough what happened with Apollo?"

The thought of a having a lover scares you.

Adding to that, you have the right to be scared, you are in ancient Greece dealing with crazy mythology.

It would be much better for you to avoid romantic types of relationship with any greek hero, deity, or even a normal citizen.

You don't want trouble.

"What about Hermes, he is the one who informed you of Apollo's cheating"

"He did it to be with me, he didn't do it out of the goodness of his heart"

"How about Artemis?"

"I don't like entering relationships with the brother of my exes"

"What about Hades?"

"...Hades is your husband"

"Oh, I have forgotten that, silly me" 

You gaze at Persephone in disbelief while the two of you stroll through the human realm.

Persephone's time to go and see her mother arrived, so both of you decided to hang out.

"I wish to return home, and I don't even know how to, I can't aid myself"

"Why do you want to return home?"

"I have family and friends who must be worried about me"

"Just forget about your memories with them and create new ones with me as your family instead"

"It isn't that easy"

While conversing, you stop yourself upon seeing an old blind man and a girl sitting under a tree.

"Where are you going?"

Persephone inquires as you walk over to the old man.

"Hello" you greet them with a kind smile on your face.

"Who are you?" Antigone asks you with worry as she grabs into her father's arm.

"I just came to help" you declare softly.

You move your hand infront of Odepius' eyes, using your powers.

He slowly opens his eyes to reveal that they are healthy and back to normal.

"I can see"  Odepius exclaims, looking down at his hands then up at you.

"This is amazing"

Antigone cries out in happiness at her father's recovery.

"There is also another gift for you"

You use your powers once more to return Odepius back to his youth.

"Who are you, my kind lady?" Antigone asks looking at you with admiration.

"I'm (Y/n)" You introduce yourself.

"You are the deity of aid and breaking curses"

Oedipus is astonished by your assistance, as he believed the gods despised him for his past actions.

"Why did you heal me?" he inquires.

Persephone who is standing behind you, rolls her eyes.

"You should thank her first before asking such questions"

Odepius ignores her as he smiles sadly at you before standing.

"But I deserve to be punished for my sins"

"You didn't know, what happened to you and Jocasta was a tragedy, but you can redeem yourself"

Odepius expression turns into a hopeful one at the thought of being redeemed.

"How can I redeem myself?"

"Take Antigone and return to Thebes, reunite with your daughter and restore your title as a king" you reply.

His daughter stand up and hugs you tightly, causing you to do the same.

"Thank you so much for saving my father"

You don't know why but the seeing the great joy of a daughter for her father's recovery is just the most wholesome thing in the world.

"Should we go now, I wish to meet my mother"



Persephone shouts in happiness as she hugs the deity of harvest.

Demeter embraces her daughter before stepping back and grinning at you.

"Congratulations on divorcing Apollo, it must have been hard to get rid of him"

You smile at her, chuckling nervously.

"Yes, it was a nasty divorce"

Indeed an imaginary divorce to a fake marriage.

"Are you going to attend Thetis' marriage?"

You forgot that,  Thetis, the mother of Achilles, marries Peleus years after giving birth to their son.

Especially after it was prophesized that will be a great hero.

Maybe you could stop the Trojan war from happening.

"Of course, I will attend the wedding"

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