Chapter Thirteen

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The kings of Greece are hesitant to help Menelaus retrieve Helene despite the oath they made.

But they agreed once they knew you would be on their sides.  

"We meet again, my fair goddess"


You try to avoid Achilles, but it seems like the greek hero is too attracted to you to simply let go of the opportunity to speak to you.

And there's Patroclus who looks the way you imagined in your mind.

A precious baby.

Ok, maybe a strong precious baby who could easily break in half, but still.

"You have such a nice voice to listen to" Patroclus speaks to you for the first time.

"Everything is nice about her" Achilles flirts, his eyes focused on your face.

"Stop your talking, I bet she is already bored with you, Achilles"

You flinch as an arm wraps itself around your shoulders and you find Odysseus standing by your side. 

"As if you could entertain her any better, Odysseus"

"I can if she would allow me to do so"

You angrily pushed his arm away from you, appalled by his actions.

"Aren't you a married man? have some morality" you spat out in anger.

Indeed, Odysseus is married to Penelope, the woman who used tricks to not remarry in hopes of her husband returning home.

Meanwhile, Odysseus cheated on her with Circe and the two have sons together called Latinus and Telegonus.

Yet, he always longed to return home to his wife and he did in the end.

"Can we focus on what is important right now, we have to plan for the upcoming war"

Menelaus cuts into the conversation making sigh in relief.

"Yes indeed...but before we decide to go to war, how about we don't start a war?"

"Excuse me? My wife is with Paris and you don't want me to bring her back?" The Spartan king questions in surprise.

"Well, she did run away with she is unloyal"

This is the truth, Helen did flee to Troy with Paris, which means she cheated on Menelaus.

In reality, away from greek mythology, an adultarer's punishment is Rhaphanidosis.

And this punishment causes death by internal hemorrhaging.

This punishment was for men, while women only got divorced and were forbidden from attending public events.

Menelaus is furious at the proposition and starts shaking with rage.

"So what you're saying is that we should leave my wife with another man, so she can enjoy life with another man"

Odysseus looks at him in surprise before speaking.

"Not necessarily, she will be brought back, just not by force."

Menelaus laughs derisively.

"What other way is there to bring her back if not by force?"

"Maybe I could be a negotiator and solve this in a peaceful way" you suggest.

The king of Sparta looks at you skeptically, as if he doesn't believe that negotiating would work.

"War is the best solution, and we aren't backing down"

You sigh, realizing that you will spend the next ten years with the creepy pervert Achilles and Odysseus.

"Oh, well...this is great"

After muttering those words to yourself, you see Agamemnon approaching you.

Before he could even start speaking to you, you hold your hand to silence his upcoming words.

Not wanting to deal with the annoying and molesting Agamemnon.

"Don't speak to me, or I will curse you into a donkey"

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