Chapter Seven

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You escaped with Zephyrus after Apollo started shooting at the west wind.

The both of you are transported to the underworld using your powers.

"Oh, (Y/n)! You're back!" Persephone exclaimed, her face lighting up with excitement as she saw you.

But her expression quickly turned to concern when she saw the sadness etched on your face.

The queen of the underworld took a step closer to you, her voice tinged with worry as she asked,

"What happened, my dearest one? Please, let me help you." Her eyes never left yours as she awaited your response.

As the queen of the underworld looked at you with concern, you quickly tried to compose yourself. Despite the emotional turmoil you were feeling.

"Thank you, for your concern," you respond softly.

"Apollo is much worse than he seems. He had an affair with a Spartan prince while I was gone."

When Persephone's eyes widen in shock, you continue, "And when I found out, he killed Prince Hyacinth."

Persephone's face twists into one of pain and she brings her hand to her lips, as though she herself is feeling the depth of the loss.

"Apollo... how could he have been so cruel?" Her voice is barely a whisper, as though she can't bring herself to say the words out loud.

Persephone feels only sorry for you, she doesn't care about anything else except for your happiness.

You deserve all the happiness in the world.

"(Y/n) needs to rest now" Zephyrus cuts in.

"Yes, of course," Persephone nods in agreement with Zephyrus.

"Come, my dear. Let me take you to your room."

She extends her hand towards you, a comforting smile on her face. You take her hand, before Persephone leads you through the dimly lit halls.

When the Persephone notices Zephyrus following behind you two, she stops him.

"Thank you for bringing my daughter home safe, you can leave now"

Zephyrus respects the choice of giving you space even if it displeased him the way Persephone spoke to him.

But he doesn't want to act like Apollo and scare you off.

"Thank you for your help, Zephyrus, I will be forever in your dept"

The West Wind only smiles at you, then gives a cold glare to Persephone, before taking off using his long white wings.


While trying to rest in your chambers peacefully, your mind keeps reminding you of what Apollo did to Hyacinth.

You sometimes forget that Greek gods are just pure evil.

When Hades visited you in you chamber to check on you, you tried to convince him to give Hyacinth soul so you can bring him back to life.

But the god of the underworld only sighed and disagreed, and convinced you it was the prince's time to go.

While drowning in your state of guilt and sadness, you feel footsteps in your chambers with the sound of two unfamiliar voices chatting.

"We will rescue (Y/n) first then we rescue Persephone, and get to marry them afterwards"

"Great idea"

You sit up on your bed, sitting in a crossed legs position with your hands on your cheeks.

When the Theseus and Pirithous find you wide awake, they are shocked.

"You are (Y/n)?" Theseus questions, amazed by your beauty and grace.

"I suggest you two leave before Hades finds out that you two broke into his palace"

"We came here to rescue you and Persephone" Pirithous explains.

As you see Hades appear behind Theseus and Pirithous, both men freeze in place. You can't help but smile at the scene as Hades places a hand on each of their shoulders.

Hades smirks down at them, as states the next words coldly.

"Gentlemen, let us have a meal together"

As Hades utters his words, a chill runs down your spine. The god's face is as stoic as ever, but his eyes hold a deep, dark emptiness that you can't quite place.

If you didn't know the myth behind the invitation you would have thought that him  asking Theseus and Pirithous to break bread with him was welcoming.

You look at them with sympathy and point out.

"I think it's you two who needs rescuing now"

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