Chapter Three

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"You better let go of those kids right now, I will rain on painful punishments"

"Who are you?"

"Someone who came to stop this madness"

You speak firmly as you approach Medea.

"Do not interfere, you don't understand anything, I sacrificed everything for him, yet went to marry another woman"

You heart break for her words, but don't feel pity.

After all, Medea betrayed her father and brother, she killed her brother for Jason.

The looks of fear on her sons' faces made you angry at the woman.

"You want to kill your children to take revenge on their father, now that, is pure madness and cruelty" you mock her.

"What use do I have for them since Jason betrayed me?"

"You killed Jason's bride, is it not enough for you? You bloodthirsty woman"

"I demand to know who you are"

You strike her down using your powers, before grabbing the two boys.

Wanting to try something, if you can break someone's curse.

Can you also curse them?

"You whore, don't you know who my grandfather is?"

She stands up, ready to use her magic to harm you, but you stop her.

"Every time you have an evil thought or try to come near your children, your skin will start peeling painfully"

You state, cursing her with your words as your eyes shine bright.

Medea falls to the ground in agony, her body throbbing with pain. She looks up at you, her eyes filled with hatred.

"You... you have cursed me. May the gods curse you, you monster!"

You watch as she writhes and screams in pain, unable to move or speak.

You turn to the two boys, who are still crying in fear. You kneel down and offer them a smile.

"I am sorry for what she was trying to do to you. You are safe now."

As you help the boys to their feet, you realize that you have indeed cursed Medea.

The power of the curse is incredible, yet you feel no guilt or regret. Medea had tried to kill her own children out of hatred and anger - she deserved to be punished.

But now that she is powerless, you wonder what to do with the boys.

Knowing that they cannot stay with their mother - they would not be safe.

But you also know that they cannot go back to their father.

You make a decision. You will take the boys back to your home and care for them yourself.

And put Jason to a test, if he wants his sons back, he will have to earn that.

You must admit that spending time with Persephone and Hades affected you greatly.

One test to know if he truly deserves his children or not.

You walk over to Medea and band down to her, patting her head.

"That is your punishment for sacrificing your family and people for a man like Jason, once I'm sure you learned your lesson, I will break your curse"

Standing up again, you take the hands of the two boys and walk away from her.

Jason is going to face a hard moral dilemma.

And if he fails.

You will also curse him.


"If I were you, I would not just leave my wife in the underworld, I would do my best to bring her back"

Hyacinth says to Apollo, wrapping his arms around him.

Ever since you left him, the sun god fall into great depression after Hades stood in his way to get you.

Hyacinth, the sparten prince reminded him of you, so he took him as a lover.

But, no matter what, Hyacinth could never be you.

On the other hand, the reason why Hyacinth wants you back is because he worships you.

The Spartans hold you in high regards, and ever since he was young, Hyacinth was in love with you.

He believes that you always answer his prayers and stood with him when he was sick.

Also your statues, he has many of them back in his chamber at Sparta.

"For being my lover, you do care for my wife a lot"

Apollo says, taking a sip from his wine.

"I'm saying that, because I love you"

'And I also love her'

"I want to see you always happy...maybe she is not in the underworld"

Apollo frowns in confusion, but Hyacinth continues explaining.

"What if Hades tricked you? What if she is just roaming Greece?"

"You are right, there is no reason for her to stay in the underworld for so long"

The Spartan prince smiles mischievously, pleased that he motivated your husband to search for you.

Hyacinth can now aim to have a happy life with you and Apollo.

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