athena's mad at us

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After simultaneously agreeing the stinger, that Percy was attacked with, was poisonous, and Ciarda rushing to get Grover, Annabeth formulated a plan. 

Percy's face was mutilated into disgust when Grover and Annabeth splashed him with the fountain's water. Ciarda's new shoes were drenched, along with her socks, whilst she picked up water in her hand and dumped it on Percy's head. If he wasn't dying she would have severely enjoyed herself. 

People pointed and stared in confusion. Ciarda rolled her eyes and flipped them off. They also saw the red splotches that began to stain the back of her cap. Head wounds bled a lot. 

"The water cured him back at Camp, it should work for poison too right?" Annabeth was out of breath from continuously splashing water everywhere. 

"You- you know, I think it's working. This was a great call," Percy spat out the water Grover sprayed in his mouth. He tried to get up, Ciarda dumping one last handful of water on him for good measure. The rest of them watched happily, letting Percy try to get up on his own. He barely got halfway before collapsing back into the water. 

"Maybe it's only fresh flowing water that works," Annabeth tried to figure out why it wasn't working. 

"We should go, we're not safe out here," Ciarda called it, trying to shake her shoes out. "But we need the water, he's Poseidon's son!" Annabeth argued. "Do I look like I give a shit that he's Poseidon's son?" Ciarda huffed. 

Water from the fountain splashed into her face, dripping from the dark ends of her hair. She gasped in anger, moving away from the water source. "I think we've run out of time," Grover gulped, the sound of tyres screeching and glass shattering coming from the road opposite the Arch.

A charcoal van flipped over, crashing into more vehicles and billowing out smoke. "Okay, I agree with Ci, we need to get back inside," Annabeth grabbed Percy's arm. "No, we need to keep trying," Grover begged. He couldn't fail. Not again. 

"This isn't working and Echidna's coming. No more democracy, Groves," Ciarda made little effort to pull Percy from the fountain, water staining both of their clothes. "When we get out of this, you're buying me a nice hat," She mumbled in Percy's ear. 

A car horn honked and fire lit from a broken van. When the demigods looked back, an undamaged Echidna was walking towards them slowly. Ciarda was jealous that her jacket was as pristine as when they first saw her. 

"Okay, we'll get Percy inside and take him to the temple's altar," Annabeth clarified whilst Ciarda roughly dragged Percy over the side of the stone. She never had a knack for doing things gently. "Where's the altar?" Grover asked. "The highest point in the Arch." 

"Okay, but what good is that going to do us?" Grover queried. "We're going to get to the altar, and ask her Mom for help," Ciarda told them with grinding teeth, nodding to Annabeth. She wasn't inexperienced in the mythology world and this wasn't a stupid suggestion from a clueless Percy Jackson. 

This was Ciarda La Rue, Daughter of the God of War, telling them that they had no other option. 

Police sirens wailed as the group moved towards the Arch. Eerie whispers made Annabeth pause, Ciarda pulling Percy along the sun-hot concrete with Grover's help. He was even more pale and sunken, his body bent over and limp. "Guys d- did you hear that?" Annabeth's anxious voice made them all halt. She was never nervous. 

"Never mind, come on," She shook her head, her braids swinging left and right before she rushed forward to open the glass door. Ciarda's eyes didn't leave the back of her head, her gut clenching. Something was very very wrong. 

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