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Gold light warmed the Hermes cabin. The clatter of coins chipped the wooden floor, creating chaotic background noise when weaved in with the plethora of voices. Percy chucked his rucksack onto his bed after an embarrassing introduction from Chiron. 

"I heard about what happened to you on the hill, with Ciarda and Grover. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry," Luke's soothing voice reached everyone's ears in Hermes Cabin. The conversations, however, did not cease.

"Oh shut it Luke, you're such a suck-up," Eros rolled his eyes, slapping the raven-haired boy on the shoulder. A muddy handprint was imprinted on his orange shirt, displaying that he'd been working outside - if his deep tan didn't already show that. 

It seemed that all of Ares' children shared the same sunkissed skin. Dark hair and a mean smirk were also hereditary. 

Luke rolled his eyes whilst he turned to see the elder, muscular demigod. "Percy, this is Eros. Son of Ares," With an introduction, Percy shook Eros' hand. Even his handshake was strong and intimidating - a pattern often present with Ares' offspring. 

The boy seemed much more relaxed when compared to his uptight youngest sister, whom Percy had met earlier. Even if they shared the same killer stare and curled lip. Swirling tattoos peaked from the collar of his shirt, licking up his stubbled neck. 

"Although she won't admit it, Ciarda does apologise for her attitude earlier. She's got a pretty bad temper," Eros bared his canine teeth. "I'm sure you will grow accustomed to it if Chiron's plans go ahead."

"It's fine," Percy played with the pen-sword in his pocket, anxiously. His eyebrows furrowed at Eros' cryptic words but chose to refrain from asking too many questions. 

"Although I'd stay out of Clarisse's way while she calms down about the Minotaur incident. My sister is very protective of her twin," Eros winked, slapping Luke's back once more before dropping out of the golden-lit cabin. 


The daylight dropped quickly, leaving Hermes cabin emptier by the minute. Overcome with curiosity, Percy peaked outside. His hands rested on the jagged edge of the door, his blonde hair and eyes being the only things visible. 

Those blue eyes widened when they met roaring bonfires, the clinking of tin cups and the laughter of mixed cabins. Wrestling games and sword clashing could be seen from even the Cabin Circle. 

"Holy shit," Percy took a small step out, his body half hidden by the engraved door of the messenger God. The night sky was clear and warm, a thick musk of smoke and burning marshmallows singeing Percy's nose.

From the firelight dancing, shining out an array of orange hues, Percy watched Ciarda. A girl, slightly taller but practically the same, was braiding her hair into rows of neatly parted plaits. Clarisse, it was assumed. 

Ciarda was drinking maroon liquid out of a cloudy glass, and laughter burst out of her while someone from Aphrodite's cabin told her a joke. 

The entirety of Aphrodite's cabin seemed to be around the same bonfire, a mixture of unreal beauty and golden hair. 

Percy noticed Eros, along with an older version of the boy, with even bigger arms. Another of the Ares children. It seemed they banded together - like a pack of wolves.

Clarisse tapped her sister's shoulders when she finished her hair, and Ciarda stood, thanking her sister. She tipped her head back, finishing her drink and putting it behind the wooden logs used as benches. 

Moving away from the crowd, she scanned the landscape of darkness. Her eyes met Percy's, her eyebrows furrowing as she watched him scramble to hide most of himself behind the large Hermes doors. 

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