new jersey forest

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The sound of Ciarda's sword slicing through tree bark and low-hanging branches was overpowered by the beginning of another argument. To her, it was very entertaining. 

Ciarda wasn't used to silence, growing up surrounded by bickering siblings. Edward tried to make peace but his efforts usually conceded. And worse than arguments, was people getting along. Then they'd start asking her personal questions. 

"Why are you so afraid of who you are?" Annabeth turned to face Percy. They both stalled. 

Ciarda chuckled, "How interesting is it that I am yet to piss Percy off, Annabeth seems to be doing a dandy job on her own," Her arms draped over Grover's shoulders. The pair had been friends ever since that day in the woods, and even though she would never admit it, she had missed him when he was busy taking care of Percy in the normal world.

"You know what's interesting about this particular Satyr path? It's the same one my Uncle Ferdinand used when he went on his own quest," Grover tried to stop the argument. 

"Oh, how wonderful," Ciarda pointed to him with a dumb smile, but neither of the other demigods listened. "Can you stop them?" He begged Ciarda with his doe eyes. 

"Golly Grover, you're no fun. This is the best bit," Ciarda sat on a nearby log in the New Jersey forest and put her chin in her scarred palm. Fighting was very entertaining to the youngest Ares child. 

"What was that supposed to mean? I'm not afraid of who I am," Percy fought back, peeking to Ciarda for support. She just waved at him, thoroughly amused, before taking the water from Grover's backpack and taking sips.

"Yes, you are. You aren't just a kid. 'Just a kid' didn't do what you did to Clarisse back at camp. 'Just a kid' doesn't have Hades sending top lieutenants to retrieve them. You know, you are part of something so much bigger than we can understand right now. We have to move forward whether we want to or not. Whether you like it or not." Annabeth huffed. 

"You don't want to call camp, fine. Well, then, let's at least call your Mom," Percy suggested. Ciarda spat out the water she was chugging onto Percy, dramatically staring at him before falling into a heap of laughter. 

"She really loves embarrassing me, doesn't she?" Percy indicated to Ciarda whilst glancing at Grover. The Satyr nodded with a knowing smile. 

"Excuse me?" Annabeth's voice was still and quiet. "Your mother, Athena? I'd call my father but we aren't exactly on speaking terms, you know, with the lifelong neglect and all. But you and your mother seem close, why can't we ask her for help?" Percy explained his theory. 

The clicking of Annabeth's jaw was the perfect time for Ciarda to step in - which she did. She hopped up from her seat, brushed her knees down and stepped towards them. 

Annabeth moved forward to continue arguing, but Ciarda's intense strength holding them apart was no match for her. 

"Percy! Perseus. Why don't I explain a little something to you," Ciarda patted Percy's wet shoulder roughly whilst wrapping an arm around his shoulder and forcing them ahead of the other duo to talk in private. 

"Get your hands off me," Percy struggled, but he was no competition to Ciarda's years of training and natural power. He shook his head, the water Ciarda spat on him now shaking droplets back onto her.

"Trust me, Blondie, I don't want to be touching you either but right now it's that, or you get mutilated by Annabeth. Your choice. My personal preference would be the latter."

Percy rolled his piercing blue eyes and let Ciarda direct them through the sunlit forest. Summer attracted the heat habitat of gnats which swarmed around patches of sunlight which escaped the canopy of trees.

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