poseidon's claim

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Percy panted roughly, his hands feeling the warm metal. Soot imprinted onto his fingers. It stained his palms which were covered in grazes from the stones. 

"Clarisse," Ciarda whispered, holding her hands up to her bloodied face softly. She wouldn't know what she'd do if her Achilles sword broke - it was the only thing they'd ever got that proved their father acknowledged their existence. 

"NO!" Clarisse screamed, a blood-curdling yell that made Ciarda's veins turn cold. The eldest twin marched up, grabbing Percy by the straps of his armour. Ciarda rushed forward, not to help Percy but to collect the pieces of her sister's broken spear. 

Sure they fought sometimes, but Ciarda would never wish that upon her. 

Percy faced away from Clarisse, closing his eyes, but was saved by the sound of intense cheering. Led by Luke, the blue team made their way onto the beach with the red flag in hand. A conch shell blue somewhere. They'd won. 

Luke threw his fist in the air, making the Campers scream louder in excitement, not noticing the messy scene further along the beach. 

Clarisse shoved Percy away with malicious eyes, turning to her sister. "Clarisse," Ciarda looked up with teary eyes, her shaking hands clenching onto the pieces of snapped metal. "He'll send another one," She began to explain but Clarisse pulled the pieces from her grasp. 

"Don't fool yourself Ciarda. Remember whose side you were fighting on." 

Percy watched, breathing heavily from beside her. He walked over, standing and waiting in silence. He let her take her time. When she looked up, he put his scratched hand out. He tried not to look at the bloody massacre on her face. 

Taking it hesitantly, Percy helped her to her feet. "You've got a little something there," Percy mirrored where on his face, making Ciarda laugh when she realised he was talking about the blood which rained on her skin. "Yeah, might want to get that fixed." 

"Not bad, hero," Annabeth's calm voice brought them from their delusional bonding time. The two disliked each other - and Percy still didn't understand why she protected him. Twice. 

Ciarda pin-pointed exactly where Annabeth was before the girl took her hat off, a trick she had mastered over time. 

Annabeth tugged the cap from her head, smiling at the work she'd created. "Were you here the whole time?" Percy stared at her with anger. 

His body ached and face stung but he thought it best not to complain when Ciarda looked like she'd got stuck in the middle of a bloodstorm and still wasn't complaining. The bone sticking out from her nose was a special touch. 

"Yes," Annabeth walked towards him. "You were here the whole time and you didn't help me? You didn't help her?" 

Ciarda put her red-soaked hand up. "I told her not to unless I was in real danger." 

"You were drowning!" 

"Listen, Percy.." Annabeth's voice radiated serenity, making Percy take a breath. "What?" He looked to Athena's daughter. "I'm sorry," She nodded briefly to Ciarda who rapidly stepped forward and shoved Percy hard. 

He staggered backwards before ending up drenched in the lake water. His curls stuck to his forehead and his wet armour glimmered in the sunlight. "That was fun, I volunteer to do it again?" Ciarda smiled, baring her blood-stained teeth. 

"What is wrong with you?" Percy's aggravated tone caught the attention of the ecstatic campers. Luke jogged over, eyes bulging when he saw Ciarda's bloody face. "What-" Luke stopped talking when Ciarda placed a finger to his lips, her bronze eyes stuck on Percy. 

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