when experiences fuse

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"Medusa told me, in the kitchen. That your mother was someone special, her identity hidden from you by Chiron for all the years you'd been at Camp. And it was why you got given a quest by the Oracle at such a young age," Percy admitted, his curly hair matted on his forehead with sweat. 

The lair of Medusa was hot and musky. In an unsettling way, it reminded Ciarda of Cabin 5. The flames still burned, lighting up the fortress inside her masked house. The smell of freshly cooked bakes had turned stale and burnt.

Pastel paint began to peel from the doors outside - the thousand-year life of Medusa was beginning to rot in death. Ciarda prayed her soul would be fairly punished in the Underworld. The woman had killed innocent humans, and pried on monsters and babies alike; but she had never asked to be such a monster - this was the Gods' doing. 

"Chiron wouldn't lie to me," Ciarda's orange flame relit inside her, flashing in her browned eyes as she took a threatening step towards Percy. Her chin raised, letting the two kids be equal in height. "Are you telling me I'm lying?" Percy asked, stepping closer. 

They started against each other, Ciarda's hair whipping with gusts of wind from the stairs. Strands stuck to her sweaty forehead. Her leather straps were currently disregarded on the floor, openly showing her blood-stained shirt.

"You've been here a week, Fishboy. I've known Chiron my entire life - he wouldn't lie to me unless it was for my safety." 

"Who said it wasn't for your safety?" Percy squinted, his blue eyes displaying his annoyance. Ciarda's nostrils flared and her lips tightened. Percy thought she looked positively furious. "Chiron would not lie to me about this." 

"I chose this. I chose you because I knew Fate had done so. Do not take that as a flaw of my judgment. I chose her because I couldn't imagine we'd ever be friends," Percy pointed to Annabeth. "And I chose Grover because I thought if I could count on anyone to be on my side, no matter what, it was him." 

"And now I'm feeling so alone. I don't know what to think or who to trust," He admitted, Grover looking down to hide his hurt. "Grover has been with you since the beginning, if you can trust anyone it's him," Ciarda ground her teeth angrily. 

"How are we supposed to trust you to watch our backs when you can't trust us? Trust is a bond that goes both ways, Blondie." 

"I didn't mean it that way," Percy sighed, clutching his sinus'. He was blushing ferociously from the increasing heat. Annabeth nodded, staring at the sanded ground. "Alecto offered to help our quest if I gave you up to her," She admitted. "What did you say?" Percy queried. "I killed her sister." 

"Clarisse asked me to stay away when she went after you in the forest," Ciarda spoke up. "What happened?" Percy looked at her, his mind whirring. 

"I nearly drowned saved your ass." 

"Well, Medusa offered to help me save my Mom if I turned in the three of you," He sighed like the knowledge burdened his shoulders. "What did you say?"Ciarda asked gently. 

"I cut off her head." 

"You didn't choose to be demigods. You didn't choose this quest. But we can decide that as long as the four of us are together, none of us are going to be alone." Grover smiled, "And if we can't do that then we might as well head back to Camp right now. 'Cause we won't make it." 

Percy looked at the three questmates in front of him. "I think I have a better idea of what to do with this," He gestured to the invisible head of Medusa in his palms. Slimy, thick blood dripped onto the desert floor. 

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