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"Demigods have always fought for glory. They used to call it kleos," Luke toured Percy around the grounds the morning after the bonfire welcome. The trees swayed, their aura of green reflecting onto the camp. Loads of kids waltzed around them, busy getting their morning chores out of the way.  

"It's like this stuff that attaches itself to your name. Makes you bigger, scarier, more important," Luke chatted away, waving at the people who said 'hello' to him as they passed. 

The pine needles on the ground were dry, along with the trees which shaded them from the powerful sun. Shimmering light off of the lake blinded them temporarily, memories of the rainy night two days ago seeming impossible. 

Percy, along with Luke and a few other people, turned his head as a loud bang and scream wracked through Ares' cabin. Smoke poured out of the top of the charcoal black house, along with the scent of musk and firewood.

"Is that-" Percy couldn't finish before Eros and Eurytion burst out the door shirtless. The lock shattered off its hinges with their brute force. People's lips lifted when the sound of genuine laughter came from their mouths. 

The two brothers came running out of the cabin, shoving people out of the way to make their getaway quicker. "It was Edward," They screamed in sync, laughter choking them up whilst chasing down the lake where they hoped their swimming skills would bring them luck.

"You are dead," Clarisse's familiar roar echoed through the grounds. It seemed that everyone's hair stood on end, a slither of Ares' wrath present in his passionate daughter. 

A sparking spear of electricity was the first thing Percy saw, before Clarisse emerged, her curly hair now neon blue. "I will spear you like a pig and roast you on the fire," She promised, chasing after her elder brothers. 

Giggles followed when she was out of hearing range. Even Percy cracked a smile.

Ciarda ran out a few seconds later, her orange shirt crinkled as it lay over pyjama shorts. Tanned skin was showing, not unusual for the fiery house of Ares. Percy was yet to see Eros wear a shirt that didn't somehow show off his muscles. 

Her wrists still bore many beaded bracelets and her braids whipped behind her. "Luke! Is there still breakfast?" She bolted towards the pair of boys housing in Hermes' cabin. She seemed ignorant of the boy she found so annoying, focusing solely on her aching stomach. 

Her messy sleep was obvious, flyaways bushing out by her hairline. Percy observed her with irritation, the girl not helping but interrupting their conversation. Her lack of manners the day prior had made Percy's interpretation of her solid.

"A few bacon sandwiches left," Luke watched her with sparkling eyes as she sped towards them, spinning out of their way and rushing toward the steaming kitchen. Calling after the cooks apologetically, she begged them to hand her some breakfast. 

Mud covered the soles of her cut feet, infections calling her name - which the infirmary would have to deal with later. 

"You guys have a history?" Percy queried, making Luke's eyebrows shoot up. He burst out laughing. "She's like my little sister. We've known each other forever." 

"She's not as bad as you think," Luke chuckled when he saw Percy's expression. "She's rude and self-centred," Percy decided promptly, his eyes following the sun-kissed girl. 

"Calm yourself, Jackson, the girl is much more than that."


After finishing their homemade hot drinks, Percy and Luke watched as Eros and Eurytion came back unscathed - if you didn't count the cuts and bruises that licked their cheeks. Their clothes were drenched, shirts sticking to the obvious sculpture of their bodies. 

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