Like Yesterday

Have you ever met that one guy? That one guy who once ruined your life? For Reese, the day he left was the happiest day of her existence. NO more humiliation. NO more embarrassing moments. And NO more Jace Hamilton. But what if he's coming back? And what if it's not just the moments that are catching up with her? What if yesterday is also making its comeback? And what if... there's more to the story than what she knows? Can yesterday be rewritten? From love to hate and hate to love, making memories like those of yesterday.
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Hah. Yeah. I still think it's ridiculous. It's just a stupid fucking word. Ah, shit. There it goes again.
iam just like OMG!! wt will happen next?? without anyknowing of what does she mean by INCIDENT?!
Odd means unpaired, occasional, strange or unusual, or a person who is viewed as eccentric.
I am obsessed with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! They give me life and i love them so much.
Ikr... Might be one of those books where they report even if you just say one swear word...
Would it change if I say, yes i always experience it? Like right now too! It's too good to be true!

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