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When I wake the next day, I instantly groan. Ultimate soreness.

"Got any morphine?" I ask sarcastically the second the Programmable nurse strides into my cell. It's a shame they don't understand humor. Travis would get a kick out of them, I bet.

"Morphine is located in the Hospital Sector. Do you have an injury?"

"I'm in pain," I grunt, wincing when I shift in bed.

She does a freaky eye scan on me and her eyes stare blankly as her fake brain processes the information. "You have muscle swelling and a few minute tears. Would you like to be treated with anti-inflammatory medicine to decrease the swelling and pain?

"Yes," I practically shout at her. "Now."

Her stiff metal hands open her bag and she pulls out a needle. Leaving no room for gentleness, she stabs me with it. It hurts, but the pain doesn't last long, and neither does the injection site hole.

"Would you like your schedule of events?"

I sigh at the thought of doing anything other than lying in bed today, but ultimately I nod my head yes. My schedule will get to me eventually, so I might as well be informed sooner rather than later.

The nurse injects them into my memory and the first event on the list is a meeting with Number One in his HQ at 1twelve o'clock which is in about thirty minutes. I assume he plans to discuss my scores and whatever else he has to say to me, so that'll to be a bundle of fun.

Can't wait.

Twelve-thirty is Training Center Day 2. Three o'clock I apparently have a tour going down. Sounds ridiculous.

I thank the nurse because I don't know, I'm feeling nice, and she leaves right after without a You're welcome.


Twelve o'clock comes too quick. I'm escorted by some random robot to Number One's HQ-despite the fact that I can easily navigate myself there without help.

"How was your sleep?" is how Number One commences the conversation.

"Can't remember a thing I was so exhausted, thanks for caring," I snicker.

He gets up from behind his desk. "Don't speak to me that way. Now please, sit."

What with his obsession of telling me to sit and acting like he deserves my respect?

I roll my eyes and sit, mostly so my legs feel relief. "Why am I here?" I wonder, though I have a vague idea.

"We will discuss your scores and how you are to improve upon yesterday so you can better yourself."

I purse my lips and start using my hands when I ask, "What if I don't care about improvement? What if I don't care about anything of this?" I raise my voice. "What if I want to just go home?"

"Put those thoughts aside Aurora. Have you ever thought that maybe you are here for a reason? Ever thought you should get over your little tantrum because you are one of us? You are a number as am I. You belong here."

I shake my head. "Doesn't mean I have to like it."

He crosses his arms and something sinister crosses his face, producing an awful sensation inside my stomach.. "Oh believe me, you will."

I swallow, but don't over-think his words. He speaks like that all the time. Let it pass, I tell myself.

"What is with the tour nonsense later?" I demand, choosing to change the topic so I don't blow up like a bubblegum bubble and pop right in his face.

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