41 - Redemption

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"Slow down," I tell Travis. I set my hand on my forehead as if doing so will lessen my headache.

"I gave you my military tags right after I told you I loved you for the first time. We were out in your yard talking. Do you recall any of that?"

I don't. My mind hurts. I don't want to be in the spotlight anymore. By coming here, I thought Travis would be the attention hog. Now all he wants are answers--which is exactly what I don't have.

"Well they have to be here somewhere. You always wore them," he continues when I don't speak. "They're my proof if you want some. So go on and search the place for them. Ask your little friends where they are. I'm sure they know."

They tell me nothing, I think.

"Are you alright?" he asks.

I pretend not to hear him. I get up and start to pace. I'm still heated over the overwhelming Meeting, and now Travis is throwing something else at me. Maybe I should leave. Go to my room instead. I want silence. No more questions.

"Aurora, answer me."

I stop in my tracks. "I don't have answers!" I scream at him.

He swallows and glances at the floor before meeting my eyes again. "I'll take that as a no."

"Ugh!" I grumble and resume my pace, gaining some speed.

"Baby what's wrong? You can tell me."

I freeze for the second time. "Don't call me that. Ever. I'm not that person, Travis McCormack. Just get over yourself already."

My words make him flinch. "Yeah, I need to get over myself. You're the one that follows Brink around like a puppy."

I glare at him. "Our relationship is not your concern."

"It is when it involves my girlfriend!"

I roll my eyes and use the wall again to focus. I've gone so off track with this interrogation, I might as well abandon the entire mission. I fail at being what I am. I fail at doing anything correctly.

"Sorry I actually care about you," he mumbles.

My eyes naturally shift to his. "That's only because you have no one else," I sneer.

"I didn't ask to come here, okay?" he shouts, and starts yanking on his shackles. I would've much rather died out there trying to look for the Aurora I used to know, than be stuck here with this mutation of yourself. At least then I had a purpose. Do you actually think I want be alive right now? Do you think for a second I want to be rejected by you over and over again until your stupid little time slot is up?"

As much as I want to shout back, I don't. I hold it in. My throat is too constricted to say anything. My eyes scope out the room and land on the adrenaline needle.

"Shoot me up. I don't give a shit."

I ignore his comment, but wonder if adrenaline would boost my ability. What if it will make it work? All I would need to do is inject the needle and wait for my senses to kick in.

With a new plan, I walk over to the syringe and hold it up at eye level, watching the liquid squish around inside. If this doesn't work, then I don't lose anything. Travis has been shot with it numerous times and he's still alive. I will be too.

I position the needle right up against the side of my neck and my nerves spike as I second guess the plan. Is it worth it? Who knows when it'll wear off?

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