42 - Lies from the Liars

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"Were you upset with me?"

I sit on the edge of my bed as Brink kneels down on the floor with his hand is on my knee. We're pretending to be a couple. He's pretending to be concerned.

"I am sorry. I was a little pushy with the whole special ability thing. We all should have laid off. I guess we thought you would be more excited."

Sure, switch the blame to me, that'll make me happy and forgiving.

His focus is locked on me, but eye contact is difficult to come by when I'm infuriated so I look elsewhere. I'm still too angry to pretend. He, however, is a pro at acting.

"Can we just put it past us?" Brink asks.

"Whatever," I growl. "When is Damon coming around again?"

He juts out his lower lip. "What?"

I wait. He heard me clearly the first time.

"Today actually. He wants to discuss your ability. Why?"

I shrug and finally meet his piercing blue eyes. "Because I would like to speak with him one on one."

"Is something wrong?"

I chuckle. "Why does something have to be wrong? Everyone else has formally met him. Why haven't I?"

"Typically, you officially meet at Initiation, which is basically your first Meeting, but your case has not been typical, per say. Would you like me to schedule something like that with him?"

I nod. "Yeah, today. I want to go today. Instead of the Meeting, I'd like to go there."

"Very well. He agrees it is time, but you are only allowed up with an escort. Would you like me to bring you?" Brink stands and holds his hand out to me.

We're going now?

"Yes," he answers my thought.

Unfortunately for him, I don't have it in me to take his hand, so I stand on my own. However, I agree to him being my escort.

I'm curious about Damon White. Suspicious of his character. This entire place could be corrupt.

"Do not make him mad. Be respectful. He is your superior."

I want to laugh at him and say I am ruled under no one, but I keep my mouth shut and my mind protected.

I've never been on the highest floor before so I've always been curious as to what it looks like--that is if it's any different from the rest of the compound. I can't imagine how bad my eyes will strain at all the white I expect to be engulfed in.

I'm beginning to think I'll hate this place.

"Ready for ascension?"

I give him the signal and we instantly detach from the other tiles and lift into the air. I try not to freak out, as usual, and just relax. He takes my hand, but I undo it.

"What is wrong?"

My teeth grind. "I just don't want anyone seeing," I whisper.

He doesn't verbally respond, but doesn't seem to take offense either, which is good. Being on his bad side right now wouldn't exactly help anything.

We arrive and my eyebrows shoot up in awe at the grand entrance. Massive, two-story white doors stand profoundly in front of us. On them is a design containing all of the five colors in evenly-spaced horizontal lines along the edges. By the middle, they each intertwine with one another, creating a spectacular symbol of unity. Beautiful is an understatement.

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