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The world of greek mythology was often a place of hardships and battles, this was partly due to the multiple war gods the mythology harbored. But in between the many violent gods there were some who wished to help their people, one such goddess was Aphrodite.

Aphrodite was the goddess to a society of women, their ideologies based on love and subduing, unlike the many violent gods people's, hers believed in not killing. This enraged the god Ares, who personally took offense to the peaceful society of women. In an effort to conquer the women he sent his people to capture and enslave the women.

After years of enslavement, Aphrodite created a safe haven for the women to rebuild their society, an island of such beauty and honor that it was given the name paradise island or otherwise known as Themyscira.

For years the women lived in isolation, their goddess giving them the gift of immortality that came with the requirement of the island being only for women and this is where they lived. They developed a warrior society and soon forgot their peaceful way of life, killing any man who dared near the island, and the women were either set free or adopted into the society.

It would be from this island that a hero would be born, Diana Prince, a demigod child born of Zeus's blood and blessed by Aphrodite to live on her island with her people. Or rather, she was one of the hero's to come from this island. Years after Diana's introduction to the island, another child was brought in. Another demigod child. This one's name: Percy Jackson.

It began on a pirate ship.


The women finished killing the men on the ship, the blood dripping silently off their weapons as they stood over the men in disgust. Yet another group of men who found themselves unlucky to have come in contact with the powerful women of Themyscira. The women were merciless and ended them before a scream could rip through their now useless throats.

The women were quick to get to work, they split up and began ransacking the ship for anything they may find useful, specifically any metals or foods they could take back with them, the rest of the useless stuff, as well as the bodies, would be left behind to be sunken with the rest of the ship. The women often sunk the ships to hide the evidence. Without a boat the rest of the world would not be able to locate the now deceased men, nor their island.

The women were silent as they rummaged, anything useful they found was passed along to others who swam back with it to the island. Perhaps this is why one of the members of the attack group was able to hear a faint cry coming from within the ship's cabin.

This woman was Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons. Stealthily she went below deck, a weapon in had as she lurked into the darkness of the cabin. The crying growing ever so slightly louder.

Her eyebrows furrowed as she walked in the direction of the noise. She walked to the back of the room only to find a small and thin child, it's pale complexion barely hidden behind thick locks of hair so black it rivaled obsidian. The child's body shook as she grabbed onto the bars of the cage it'd been locked in, a cage that was barely big enough to hold a bird, much less a child. As the child got up the woman's eyes widened as she locked eyes with a small girl, her eyes the only way she could tell instantly the fraile being in front of her was a girl.

Hippolyta rushed forwards, slicing the lock with one quick slash, as the girl flinched back, her eyes shutting tightly as Hippolyta reached in and pulled out the girl who looked to be at the most 5 years old, her small hands balled up and held in front of her in an aim to protect herself.

"It's alright my child, the evil ones are gone." Her tone was confident and commanding, though this seemed to scare the child even more as she shrunk further back. Hippolyta hesitated as she pulled her hand back and looked to the small girl sympathetically. With a small sigh she placed down her weapon as eased her voice. "Can you understand me?" Her voice was much lighter now, sounding much more like a mother now.

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