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Demi's POV

"How about an ice cream stop before we go home?" I asked.

"Sure," Kenzie replied. She's always loved ice cream. We stopped at the little ice cream shop inside the mall before leaving and heading towards my car. On the way out, I heard a sound of a picture being taken, but I didn't react. Neither did Kenzie. She's use to it by now. "My feet ache so much," Kenzie groaned once we were in the car. "Did you notice the guy taking the picture?" She asked me.

"I heard it, but I didn't see him."

"He was crouched in the bushes by the door."

"Does it bother you?"

"No, not really. I just hope the picture didn't take when I was stuffing my mouth with ice cream."

I laughed. "Why? That would be cute."

"Mom, I'm twelve, not six," she said in a 'duh' tone.

"So. You're still adorable," I dramatically gushed. She laughed and rolled her eyes at me.

"You're welcome for your ice cream by the way," I said sarcastically.

"Oh, right, thanks," she responded before eating some more.

I smiled and drove out of the parking lot.

Kenzie's POV

"I'm going to take a shower," I said once we were back home.

"Good idea," mom said sarcastically. I gave her a look, and she innocently smiled at me. We both laughed, and I went to my room. My mom makes me laugh all the time. She's always been like that. I went into my bathroom and started running the water. I took my shirt off, leaving my training bra on. Let's face it, I have absolutely nothing, but all of my friends are wearing them, so I convinced mom to let me start wearing them. I looked at myself in the mirror, focusing on my stomach. I've been doing this more and more lately, and it's been getting harder and harder to ignore the thought of being fat. I turn to the side to get a different view of my stomach. Mom always tells me that I'm skinny, but she's my mom, so it doesn't count. Her job is to make me feel good about myself, right? So she can say whatever she wants, right?

I push the thoughts away and continue to undress. I get into my shower, letting the warm water run down my back. After I wash myself and my hair, I get out. I dry myself off, then go into my room to get dressed. I pick out some sweats and a baggy t-shirt. I get dressed, but before putting my shirt back on, I stare at myself in the mirror again. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten ice cream today.

A loud knock pulls me away from my thoughts. "Hold on!" I call out. I put on some deodorant, then put my shirt on. Even though she's been my mom for seven years now, I still don't like for her to see me without my clothes on. "Come in!" I say once I'm fully dressed.

"Hey, I forgot to tell you. Nick is coming over for dinner tonight," Mom informs me.

"Okay," I say with a smile. Ever since I was around seven, Nick has become like a dad to me. Like, I real dad. Not the father I had before. Even though I met Nick when I was five, I was still too terrified to trust him. I didn't start trusting him until I was around seven. I'm just so happy that Nick decided to stay and be here for me. I've heard about what could happen when someone doesn't have a father figure growing up, and I didn't want to turn out like some those people.

"He'll be here in about half an hour. Want to help me make spaghetti?" Mom asked.

"Sure," I responded, following her to the kitchen. Spaghetti. That's like, full of carbs, right?

Finally, I have made this sequel! So many were asking for it, so here are the first three chapters. What do you think so far?

Another question: Should Demi and Nick be friends, or do you want me to make this a Nemi?

I'll try and make the chapters longer as this story goes on.

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