Diary of a Superstar's crush♥ Entry #2.3

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                “Are you alright?” James asked as he escorted me to my next class, Geometry.

                He insisted to do that for some unknown reason.

                “Why wouldn’t I be?” I said, surprised by his question, as I rummaged by bag for my phone.

                “It seemed you were really upset in Chem class.” He answered as he watched me speed dial Zuri.

                I tried to avoid his scrutinizing eyes. I was upset, yes. But I don’t really want to talk about since it would make me look like a dramatic girl here.

                “I’m totally fine, James Harrington.”I said as I gestured to excuse myself. He smiled and nodded.

                I distanced myself from him and listened to the ringing.

                She wasn’t answering. OH! Damn voicemail.

                “Z, where the hell are you? Call me back, okay? Tell me what happened.” I said in a whisper after the beep.

                I went back to James and said, “Aren’t you going to your next class? And how’s Ethan Night and Dylan Evans?”

                Then my phone rang loudly.

                Ethan Jackson’s picture was on my phone’s screen.

                OH. He look…handsome.

                Come on, Elle. You couldn’t.

                “Speaking of the devil.” I said to James with a smirk as I held my phone up.

                He merely smiled.

                I pressed the button and said, “What’s up?”

                “We’re kind of lost right now. Dylan got us going in circles” He said in an irritated tone.

                “Oh. Where are you right now?” I asked, feeling a bit like a policewoman trying to help a kid back to his mommy.

                “Um. Kind of on the third floor cause there’s a sign here that says 3F.  And we’re near… a bathroom? No no. It’s like a storage room.” He said.

                “Oh my god. Don’t tell me you are in the storage room rumored to be haunted by a girl student believed to be raped in there?” I said, remembering Gab telling it to me one day.

                “Are you serious? Well, we hid in here.”

                “Seriously. Get out of there, okay? We’ll be there soon.” I said as I hung up and grabbed James’ wrist and we ran off.

                We ran the stairs hurriedly and reached the third floor in just a minute. Then we ran for the storage room immediately.

                And there, we just saw them both smirking like idiots. James and I stopped.

                “Just what the hell was that, Elle?” James said, panting.

                “Just what the hell is this?! Ethan Jackson? You tricked me!” I cried, panting too.

                They both stopped and their faces turned serious.

                “We’re sorry. It just that Gab’s stories were really creepy and we want to see.” Dylan apologized with an innocent smile.

                I was kind of speechless.

                “Uh…Gab? You mean Gab Montgomery?” I asked in a surprised voice.

                “Yeah. He just went in just five minutes before the first period ended. You know him?” Ethan explained.

                Then someone just patted my head. It was my guy bestfriend, Gab Montgomery.

                “Gab!” I yelled as I poked him with the planner I was holding.

                “What was that for?!” he said as he laughed and teased me.

                “That was for not calling me with what happened to you and Zuri this morning! And speaking of your sister, where is she?!” I exclaimed as I put the planner inside my bag.

                “Right here, E!” I heard Zuri’s voice.

                I looked up to see her with one guy. Not just any guy but the missing fourth guy of J.A.D.E. It’s Aaron Night.

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