Diary of a Superstar's crush♥ Entry #3.2

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                Knock! Knock! Knock!

                I heard some agitated pounding on my bedroom door.

                “Elle! Wake up!!!” mom exclaimed as she tried me to open up the door.

                I immediately stood up out of my bed like a ninja and opened up.

                “Thank the heavens you heard my light knocking.” Mom said sarcastically as she frowned and motion for me to get downstairs.

                I was about to ask her why would she do that since I checked the wallclock and the time says it’s just 5:30 in the morning.

                Then a blurry memory came into my mind. The phone call from Aaron Night. Did it ever happen? I was pretty sure I was awake back then. But then, it could be a dream. It’s too much to be true.

                I hurried downstairs and the lights of the living room shone brightly but I did bother why. I went straight to the kitchen where I smelled pancakes and sweet maple syrup.

                I rubbed my eyes boringly and sat on the kitchen counter.

                Mom came to the kitchen and said to me, “Go sit in the living room. Someone wants to talk to you.” The corner of her lips twitched as if she was suppressing a laugh.

                I obeyed and my eyes widened with who I saw.

                J.A.D.E. in my living room?! NO WAY!

                James and Dylan are laughing so much with the sight of me. I looked at myself in the body-length mirror nearby and saw myself. My black hair was frizzy as a horse’s.

                Aaros, there he was. After a night of scrawling his name at the back of my chemistry notes, my cheeks felt heated. I looked away from him as I blushed.

                Ethan was quietly laughing to himself while Aaron was smiling. IT was like as if he wanted to join James and Dylan in their laugh trip.

                “Okay, guys. Enough. This kind of thing is normal, you know.” I said as I sat down on the empty left seat.

                “ Well. We guess so.” James suddenly cried, his eyes in tears.

                “Really, cut it out. Aren’t we here to talk to her?” Ethan suddenly spoke, his eyes serious.

                The other three stopped and looked at me.

                “Yeah. Right. You’ve heard it from Aaron already, right?” Dylan said as he looked smugly.

                “Yeah. That we need to pretend like a couple something.” I answered as I combed my hair with my hands.

                “Yeah. That was it. We need you to do it.” James said seriously as she tapped my shoulder.

                “How about a no? “ I asked nervously.

                Aaron started fidgeting.

                “Yeah. We’ll help you. But we’re really sorry for bringing you into this. We just have no choice when Mr. Tom nags us and all. ”Ethan said apologetically.

                I was speechless for a minute and they all waited patiently.

                “First of all, I need you to know that I never even had a boyfriend in my entire life.” I said slowly, desperately making them understand. I’m pretty sure that with their celebrity and hearththrob statuses, it’s a fact that they had girlfriends before.

                “This won’t count.” Dylan assured me.

                “Yeah. I mean Aaron had only one girlfriend before so it shouldn’t be a problem.” James said nonchalantly and Aaron shot him a glare.

                “I got it.” James said as he looked at me.

                Wait. Aaron had a girlfriend before? How come Zuri and I didn’t know? I mean, we’re not close and everything with Aarons before yesterday but we might have not seen it on news.

                “Elle, don’t be pressured. Just say to us what you want and we’ll respect it. You already did us a big favor yesterday.” Aaron said quietly as he pierced me eyes, searching for the truth.

                I contemplated for a moment. What harm would it be if I agreed? It would help them though, hopefully. And what’s the point of disagreeing? I want to be friends with them and they have done nothing wrong to me. They have been kind, even for a celebrity. I think…maybe I should agree?

                “Go ahead, darling.” Mom said out of nowhere.

                “Mom?” I asked in disbelief and the four guys laughed.

                “I think you should go. I mean, you haven’t had any experience in dating and this might give you a peek, you know, even if it’s just a fake one. It might help. Besides, it won’t be counted in your record.” Mom gave me an assuring smile before looking at the four guys I just met yesterday, but felt like a lifetime ago.

                “Then, it’s a yes.” I declared.

                Tsk tsk, get your heart ready, my dear. It’s about to be broken, said a stupid voice at the back of my mind.

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