Diary of a Superstar's crush♥ Entry #2.5

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                 He opened the door for me with a gentle smile on his face.

                “Thank you.” I said.

                We started walking on the side walk. Oh my. It looks awkward.

                “Um. So what are you gonna do in a bookstore?” I asked and realized I was too dumb enough to ask that.

                “Isn’t it obvious? I’m going to buy a book.” He said in a sarcastic manner but I can tell he’s teasing me.

                “Nope. Not obvious. Not even obvious you’re reading books.” I teased as I laugh.

                “Hey hey! Don’t you know I always get high scores in my tests? I like books.” He defended as he laughed with me.

                “Spoken like a true geek.” I shot again.

                “You’re funny. How could someone as good-looking as me be a geek?” he shot back.

                “Geek! Aaron Night is a geek. A hardcore one!” I teased as I laughed some more that my vision is almost blurry with tears.

                Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. It all happened so fast. The next thing I knew, I was lying on top of him, face-to-face. And to think it was such a short gap between our faces! We feel down when he pulled me.

                “Oh my god, Aaron! I’m so sorry about that!” I exclaimed as I quickly stood up and shrugged.

                He stood up and fixed the button-up shirt he was wearing. Then he looked at me patiently and smiled his ever-famous smile.

                “Sorry about that, Elle. A skateboarder was about to bump you and you two both don’t know. You are laughing so hard while he’s listening to some metal music. I had to pull you from his way.”

                “ Oh. That’s why. Thank you so much then! Are you hurt?” I said apologetically. But inside, I was taken aback by the events.

                It was, after all, the first time my face got too close with a boy. It was too much for me to handle.

                “I’m fine. Come on. Are we near now? I’m excited to see the books!” he said enthusiastically.

                “Almost there.” I absent-mindedly said as I dwell on the fact that he acted as if nothing happened.



                The rest of our little tour in the bookstore was a blur. I immediately forgot the awkwardness that prevailed before we went in. Aaron Night is a good joker. He’s got a good sense of humor. He can be so funny yet serious. And my tummy has been aching from laughing.

                “Romeo and Juliet is the best couple I know. In books, I mean.” I said to him as we both held a copy of “Romeo and Juliet”.

                “I disagree. I think Ron and Hermione’s the best.” He contradicted as he got another copy of “Wuthering Heights”.

                I laughed. “What’s with Harry Potter? We’re talking of classics in here! Hello? Elle to Aaron Night?”, I teased as I pointed the big “CLASSICS” in red background.

                “It’s a classic. Everything’s a classic.” He murmured as he bent down to look for more books on the shelves.

                “Some things are not classic.” I said as I looked on the book he was holding. It was “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

                “If you think so, Your Majesty.” He joked as he stood up and motioned for me to go with him in the cashier.

                I laughed at his response, again.

                “Are you just getting started with Shakespeare? I can’t believe a geek like you is just an amateur Shakespeare reader.” I observed as I toyed with the feathery pen on the counter.

                “I’m not geek. I’m handsome. And I’m not amateur. I just lost my copies.” He pouted in a very adorable way that made me laughed so much.

                “See? I’m too cute to bear.” He laughed loudly with me in unison and the cashier glared at us.

                We got silent then we cracked up again.

                “You’re too optimistic. Maybe I’ll buy you a mirror one day.” I teased as we got out of the bookstore.

                “Maybe I’ll buy you an HP set so you’ll know what a classic is.” He shot back and then he stopped for a second to rummage something from his bag.

                He got out three tattered paperback books. Then he gave it to me.

                I turned it around and I smiled with what I saw.

                It was an old copy of the “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” and “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban”.

                “Why are you giving them to me?”, I asked in surprise as I browsed the pages.

                “Try reading it. But you’ve got to be extra careful. I had those books since I was seven and those were the first books I had, not some stupid fairytale. It was a gift from dad.” He beamed at me widely and I can’t help but return his warm smile.

                “When’s my deadline?” I simply asked.

                “I’m pretty sure you can’t finish it by tomorrow. So just anytime you finish.” He replied with a wicked smirk.

                “are you challenging me, Aaron Night?” I asked in defense as I raised my eyebrows.

                “Is it too much obvious?” he laughed. And I can’t help but join in. His laugh is mysteriously infectious.

                “I’m up for it. Watch and you’ll see, Aaron. I’ll finish these and disprove of your claim of ‘classic’.” I said smugly as I put the three books in my bag.

                “Deal. But if you can’t do it, you have to fulfill a little consequence.” He said with a smirk.

                “Fine. You’ll be up for it too, if I win?” I said.

                “Yep. But I’ll win. I’m a geek after all.” He said as he gave me one of his innocently cute smiles.

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