Diary of a Superstar's crush ♥

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<Author's note: Thanks you so much for deciding to read my story. This is the first story I've ever written so thanks so much. 

Oh. And sorry for the not-so interesting prologue. I'm really working on it. Trying to work out better ideas. please keep reading. thanks.>


“Elle! Oh my god! I can’t breathe!” Zuri Montgomery’s familiar voice crept to my eardrums through my phone’s speakers. And I’m used to it. She took a big gulp of air and exhaled it slowly which was way too much audible over the phone.

                “Z, calm down. What’s wrong? And by the way, you’re breathing.” I said in a tone with a hint of concern and sarcasm. I know her very well to understand that she’s burning with excitement right this second. She’s on it, again.

                “Oh God, you’re being sarcastic again.” She said, in a tone that could make me tell she’s rolling her eyes at me at the moment.

                “I’m not.” I laughed. “So what’s up? I guess you didn’t call me just to wake me up, right?”

                “Yes! I really have major gossip I’m dying to spill to you right now! But forgive me, I can’t tell.” She said, my groggy self being pulled back to life through her loud, very loud, voice. I got up from my bed and went to my wardrobe.

                “So what’s the point of calling me then?” I asked as I rummaged from the racks my uniform.

                She chuckled, “The point? I’m telling you, just be prepared for what you will see on our first day of school at school.” Her voice is full of delight. It slightly intrigued me since Zuri rarely gets excited with anything, except when it’s about J.A.D.E.

                Then I found it. I pulled out from the racks my white button-up uniform blouse which has a front pocket with the school logo.

                “A surprise, you mean? Just stop the torture and tell me.” I asked as I bent down to pull out my tartan skirt: a two-inch-above-the knee navy blue skirt striped horizontally with moss green and vertically with gray.

                “Okay. Enough. Just trust me, Elle. You’ll be thankful you don’t know. Yet.” She stated in a confident voice. And I can picture her smug expression.

                “Okay. I’ll be waiting for you at school. And the surprise you’re talking about. We’ll be both late for school if we continue this talk Got to go. See ya. Oh. Tell Gab I said hi.” I said in a quick voice as I walked towards the bathroom. Zuri has a tendency of talking in circles. I do not even get the point of telling me a surprise she cannot tell.

                “But it’s still early. Oh. Anyway, I will. Bye. See ya at school.” She chirped as she hung up her telephone.

                I snapped my phone shut and put it on my vanity table and went inside the bathroom.

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