Diary of a Superstar's crush ♥ Entry#2

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Dear Diary,

                                In the future years to come, I seriously don’t know what had slithered into my mind that made me agree to become their human navigator for the rest of the day. Seriously. Seriously. I can’t even believe I agree! Is it part of their irresistible charm or something? Or was I really sane when I agreed? No, scratch that last. I’m totally insane right now! Or maybe Zuri’s obsession for them got into me.

                Or maybe, I am just nice. Yes, that is the most acceptable answer.



I walked out of the ‘supposed-to-be-cafeteria’ first and they followed. Technically, it was my idea. I. Don’t. Want. Attention. Spotlight or whatever you call it. I hated it for some unidentified reason. I guess it’s just in my personality.

                And being with those three freaking’ superstars is like holding a big placard, flashy with the neon lights screaming, “Look at me!”

                No way I’m gonna be caught dead doing that. So before we left the cafeteria, I strictly emphasized a 10-meter distance between us. They laughed and I don’t know why. Oh well. Why should I care anyway? It’s just a day. Just one day.

                I trotted faster, pretending to be oblivious to the crowd behind me. Oh god. They’re so noisy.

                Students are now starting to arrive so basically, most already know that J.A.D.E. is already here for good.

                So the point was that a large crowd, mostly girls, is tagging along with the three, screaming and praising them and all.


We’re almost to the office now, where they first requested me to escort them to get their schedules.

I leaned on the wall casually, pretending to wait for a call as I hold up my phone.

Then Ethan turned to look at me and said, “Well?”

I just threw him a meaningful glance, not bothering to speak because some of the girls just glared at me suspiciously. Seriously. What were those glares for? It’s not like I’m stealing Ethan or something.

They went in. And their creepy stalkers waited outside.

Now what do I do? Am I supposed to wait for them?

Then my phone rang.

I opened and it and said, “Hello?”

“Elle! Where the hell are you?” Zuri’s voice rumbled.

“Oh hey, Z. Guess what? J.AD.E.s here! And I’ve got to tell you something! I’m in the students’ affairs office, by the way.” I immediately replied in a quick voice.

“I know right! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you this morning! I’m so excited! I have no words for it! But Gab had us stuck here! The car just broke down and we just called a mechanic to fix it up. And I’m so annoyed!” Zuri complained. I can already picture her pouting her lips in annoyance.

I laughed, “Well,  I’m sure you’ll be here in no time. Hurry up! I’ve got to tell you something! Or show!”

“Okay. I’ll call you back later. Gab needs help.” she said gloomily as she hung up.

I snapped my phone shut and took a deep breath.

The three came out of the office and looked at me expectantly. Automatically, their crowd also looked at me.

What now?

Then suddenly, James and Dylan entertained the crowd by signing autographs and all. The crowd went with frenzy. The hall was filled with camera flashes and “Hi Dylan!” “I love you James!” What’s with the sudden transition?

Then Ethan grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a more secluded part of the hallway. He quickly let go of my hand and whispered, “James got Chemistry for first period. Dylan and I’ve gotten Spanish.”

Oh. I got it. Distraction, that is. This boys know how to play.

“I can handle James. We’ve got the same class. Now, I’ll show you where the classroom is and you can lead Dylan later. We’ve still got time.” I whispered back.

We walked south of the school to the highest building of the academy, second floor. I showed him the proper room and he looked around, looking amused.

“Thanks.” Ethan murmured as he turned around to the stairs.

I followed him back as we go back to the main building.

Then he stopped abruptly and took out his phone and suddenly took a photo of me.

“OH! What the hell was that?” I said in shock.

“A contact picture, I guess? Where’s your phone? Here, put your number in.” he said quickly as he handed me his phone and opened out his other hand. I swallowed. I’m about to exchange numbers with Ethan Jackson. The thought bewildered me.

I handed him my phone and he took himself a picture. We both encoded our numbers in.

“Just wait here. I’ll call James to meet you here for your Chemistry.” he said, smiling, as he waved to me a goodbye.

I guess the “Ethan Jackson” isn’t really so snobbish at all.

I stood there, holding my phone in one hand and the other clutching my bag. I stared at the photo Ethan took, too amazed with how I just got myself talking to superstars.

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