Diary of a Superstar's crush♥ Entry #3.3

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                I was sitting between Aaron Night and James Harrington as their car trudged it way to school.

                It has been a ‘rule’ that they would go fetch me and go to school together. Mom was even happier than me with the idea. She was the one who came up with it. The four laughed for almost a minute on how my mom was supportive of this bogus dating game.

                I could see the school gates now, partially blocked by the crowd of reporters and some random by-standers.

                “Oh here it goes.” Aaron muttered as he rolled his eyes.

                I swallowed and took a deep breath.

                “Chill, Elle.” James told me as he gave me a warm smile.

                Dylan Evans went outside first then James.

                Aaron Night went out and he reached for my hand and assisted me out of the car.

                “Aaron! So you have her as your girlfriend?”

                “What’s her name? She’s really pretty!”

                “Is she the reason you went to this school?”

                “How long have you been dating?”

                “Please explain the picture roaming around.”

                “How did you meet each other?”

                “What about Haley?”

                There were a lot of blinding flashes of camera and a swarm of questions went on but Aaron was mysteriously quiet as he held me steadily by the hip and shielded my way until we were inside the safety of the school. I realized I was looking at him the entire time. A part of me went worried. Was I caught looking at him in the pictures? I hope not.

                Aaron let go of me, “Sorry about that.” He smiled shyly at me.

                “It’s okay. Not that we can’t do something about them.” I answered as I checked my phone for any messages. There was one from Gab and one from Zuri but they both said the same thing, “Here we come, D.C.!”

                Zuri and Gab told me in a short phone call yesterday night that they would be away for two days because they have to visit the bedridden grandmother in Washington. It has been a short notice so they had to leave that night.

                I haven’t even told them with this fake dating with Aaron. I reckon they’ve seen the news by now. And Zuri is just waiting for the right time to bombard me with questions. I really feel guilty for not telling her right away. She’s my bestfriend for crying out loud!

                “Hey, Elle! Don’t you remember anything?” Aaron said suddenly, with a smirk on his perfect face.

                “What?” I raised my eyebrows in response then he laughed.

                James came out of nowhere and turned to me, “Come on, Elle. We don’t want an extended detention.”

                “Go on, Elle. I’ll tell you about it at lunch.” He said with a victorious look on his face and then he walked towards the opposite direction.

I wonder what he’s talking about with his smug face and all.

“Oh right. Mr. Parker told us to see him after class about the detention.” James said with enthusiasm.

I looked at him weirdly and shook my head, “You’re really one-of-a-kind.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” James smirked.

“You better do.” I said as we head to our classroom.

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