Chapter II

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July 31, 1995
Diagon Alley

Walking down the stairs of the front of the bank, if Harry was seen by any of his classmates, many would be surprised. He was walking with the most sought after young woman of Hogwards on his arm. This thought allowed a mental chuckle from him.

Leading Daphne and her father towards The Leaky Cauldron. As they walked down the Alley, he was greeted with familiarity by many of the stall workers, something unexpected from the Greengrasses.

"How has your summer been as of yet?" He asked politely as he glanced down at the girl on his arm.

Daphne regarded him for a moment before nodding lightly, "It's been well, thank you."

"You don't seem surprised by what your manager had to say, Scion Potter." Lord Cyrus Greengrass voiced his thoughts as he watched his daughter and mentioned young man.

Shaking his head, Harry offered his trademark lopsided smile, "We'll discuss it when we're away from listening ears. But please, Sir, call me Harry."

Blinking at him, Cyrus conceded with a nod. "Of course, then call me Cryus."

Returning the nod to Cryus, Harry looked towards the entrance to the Alley, seeing his Aunt. She simply raised her eye at his company as they approached before turning into the Cauldron, followed by Harry leading the Greengrasses after her.

Entering the pub, he was greeted by a wave from Tom, the owner.

"We'll be going to the backroom for a moment, Tom." He said as they walked over to the bar. He answered with a nod and jerk of his head towards said room.

"Your Aunt is waiting. Best not make her any longer."

Having said that, Tom went back to his business. Harry thanked him and continued on his way.

Once he entered the storeroom of the establishment, he was greeted by the sight of Petunia and Maisey.

"Is company coming, Master?" The elf questioned in a gentle and soft tone. Her voice showed that she had a motherly personality.

Smiling at his elf, he nodded, "Yes Maisey, they are. They may be unexpected, but they are welcomed to the manor as visitors."

Bowing her head gently, she offered her hand up. "Please take my hand everyone."


Potter Manor

Once the world came into focus around them, Daphne nearly jumped out of her skin at the sight of seeing a twenty-five foot long Selma with a two-and-a-half foot diameter simply basking in the center of the room, the snakes shining a dark green in the midmorning sunlight.

Her father, on the other hand, drew his wand and grew tense as the creature regarded him with snow-blue eyes. Blinking at him, she watched as the snake yawned almost lazily, which only served to stump Cyrus.

Turning to Harry, he grew even more shocked by the relaxed smile on his face. "Harry, why is there a Selma here?" He asked incredulously.

She turned to him, wanting to know as well.

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