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"The flight will be boarding soon. Can all passenger please make sure they are in their seats and safely buckled." the flight attended said through a microphone.

Aly's POV
I quickly struggled through the little aisles to get to my assigned seat as people glared at me thinking how much if a mess I look like. "Al! Al! Over here!" my best friend yelled from a few seats away signalling me to get to my seat quickly. I smiled as I remembered how amazing this week is gonna be.

"Hey girl you look like a freaking mess what's going on!? You look like you could use a drink!" Bridget laughed while making fun of me. "You're right I really need to loosen up! I'm excited about going to Brazil but the break up has been so hard on me and I feel like..." I stopped as Bri interrupted me by yelling at the flight attendant telling her to bring us something strong on the rocks which was a good reminder that I need to have some fun.

7 hours later:

"Ladies and gentlemen we will be landing in a few minutes so please get all your belongings ready." the pilots voice came through the speakers. "Ola!!!!! Brazilia!!!!!" Bridget and I yell. I was feeling a little more than loose I you know what I mean. The strong stuff did it's job pretty well. We struggled and wiggled our way through the aisles anticipating the first view of our new destination.

We stepped out of the airport trying to find where our ride would be. We searched and searched and eventually we found a sign with our names written on it. The driver was pretty sexy if I might add which we took as a sign of how hot this week was going to be.

We finally got to the hotel after all the amazing sights we saw on the way. It was brilliant and very hot which only meant one thing: hot bikinis and short shorts! We got to the check in counter of the hotel. "Ola, welcome to the Hilton Hotel Brazilia. May I have your name, ID and check in number." the beautiful brazilian said. I gave her all the necessary information and we were set to get into our hotel suite. I forgot to mention something very important about me, I'm a new Victoria's Secret model so this is all new to me. I recently got discovered while checking out the sights in New York so I'm here for my first photo shoot as a professional model. Before this I was a basketball player slash student at Duke University. "Um Al I was looking out for all the amazing clubs, scenery and monuments we could check out when I realised that the fucking Cavs are in the country! They are only like my favourite basketball team! We have to go see that game and the hottest most sexy player is gonna be there, Mr Irving himself!!!!" Bri yelled. "I dunno, I mean we came here for work and I jus dunno how I feel about that." I hesitated. "No we're going. I already got the tickets, the games tonight and the shoot is only on Thursday so are going no questions asked.Damn Aly you have to be a hoe for once!"
We got ready for the game. I had my tight short black dress on with a my poncho throw over on top with my white red bottoms. And Bri was her typical hoe-ish self wearing short shorts, red bottoms and a top with tones of cleavage.

" Damn Aly you have to be a hoe for once!"
Those words rang through my head as the game went on. I decided that I was gonna make tonight my bitch. The final whistle went off and the game was finally over. I enjoyed most of it but all I could think about was what I needed to do to get over Luke and his stupid decisions. That's when I noticed something strange, Kyrie Irving who was my peer at one point was walking towards me. We had a few of the same classes and I helped him out with a few papers but I'd never expect him to remember me. "Aly?" he asked. "Um me?" I said dumbfounded. "Yes you fool!!" Bridget yelled at me dissapointedly.
"That is your name right? Or I got the wrong person?" Kyrie asked awkwardly. "Ha ha no you have the right girl. How is it that you still remember my name?" I laughed.

Kyrie's POV

I was about to walk off the court when I noticed a beautiful yet familiar face. I briefly drifted back to my college days, I remember always seeing this gorgeous blonde girl, beautiful smile and she had an amazing ass LOL. I decide to walk over to her and it lead to a complex conversation about our interests,college, basketball, race and and a little more but it wasn't nearly enough. "Eyo Kyrie! We gotta go man" J.R Smith called out.Mean while Aly's best friend blushed at J.R who was holding her by her waist. "I would really hate to say goodbye right now. Um would you like to join the guys and I? We're going out for some dinner then a little clubbing afterwards." I nervously requested. She had a little smirk on her face I wondered what that was about but let it slide as I waited for her answer. "Yeah of course, I mean even if I didn't want to Bri would probably make me tag along. She's really into J.R over there." she laughed and I laughed too.

Aly's POV
Dinner was incredible. The food was amazing, the mood was great, the guys hold such interesting and fascinating conversation but the best part was that I got all this special attention from Kyrie. He would shoot me a little smile and constantly ask me if I'm okay and at one point he reached under the table and put his hand on my upper thigh making my head spin a little.

Soon it was time to get to the clubs. We hit the town and went to a few of the hottest clubs in the city. After a while the crew started trickling away and soon it was just J.R, Bridget, Kyrie and I. It didn't take long till things between J and Bri became steamy which obviously meant they needed some time alone. Now it was just Kyrie and I sitting in the VIP section of the clubbing having a laugh ,sharing drinks, touching each other and locking eyes a little more than usual.

"So I'm getting a little tired of the club scene, how about we go chill in my hotel suite?" he said calmly. "Uh I dunno. I think I should just get back to...Wait I just realised that J and Bri went to my suite so I wouldn't be getting any sleep in there tonight." I laughed a little too hard, I think it was the alcohol. "Well great then. Let's get going" he said as he lead the way while holding me by the waist.

Soon we were in the hotel and in his suite. "You want something more comfortable?" Kyrie asked generously. "Nah, I'm good. I sleep naked." I said half drunk. Making Ky blush a little. We sat next to each other on the floor in front of his bed talking and laughing like we were doing the whole night. Then he laughed and put his hand on my thigh a little close to my lady parts making me slightly turned on and I think he noticed. He kept his hand there and after a while I couldn't resist him anymore, I reached forwards and he met me half way and our lips locked. We kissed passionately and he put his tongue between my lips begging for entrance. Soon he was on top of me tugging at my black dress trying to get it off.

His tongue went from my lips to trailing all over my vanilla skin. He opened my legs a let out a gentle smug laugh as he entered two fingers inside of me. This was the best I felt in a long time. He kept putting his warm fingers in and out of my moist opening making me want more of him. "Kyriee I need you." I moaned. Giving him more confidence which he used against me by teasing me even more. This time he put his tongue in between my thighs making me arch my back. He continued for a while longer till he felt me coming close to my climax then he stopped. "Baby we're on the floor, c'mere." he said as his voice was deep with lust. He gently threw me on the bed and unexpectedly thrust into me making me gasp for breath. "Aaah gaahhdd Aly! " he yelled as he thrust in and out of me going harder,faster and stronger each time he did. We were both close to our peek and soon we released and enjoyed this moment of perfect fulfillment. For a while we just lay there enjoying the silence and soon I fell asleep in his arms.

A week later:

"The flight will be boarding soon. Can all passenger please make sure they are in their seats and safely buckled." the flight attended said through a microphone.

"Uh Al, you never really told me what happened with you and Mr Kyrie!" Bridget said trying to get me to kiss and tell. "Girl it's a long story, I'll tell you when you tell me about you and J! " I smartly said. "Aaah come on Al! Please!" she whined. "Okay fine. Let's just say, I was a slut for once." I laughed.

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