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It was the off season, needless to say your favourite part of the year because you had your husband all to yourself...well to yourself and your 2 teenage children.

You were lying in bed thinking about your plans for the weekend as tomorrow was Saturday and you wanted to do something fun. Although Kyrie, your husband of more than 10 years was having his off time you still had a job to get to, you were the owner of a very successful boutique and clothing line.

You loved your family so much. Your son who was 13 and your daughter who was 15 were the apple of your eye. It always amazed you how blessed you were to have such beautiful kids and a loving husband.

Dringgg Dringgg

That was the sound of your alarm ringing and snapping you out of your morning thoughts. You had a shower and got dressed in your gym clothes because you had a gym session scheduled before you go to the store. You headed down stairs quickly and got started on breakfast for that morning. Soon everybody came rushing down stairs.
"Morning ma." your son said.

"Morning Dre how was your sleep baby?" you said while flipping the pancakes.

"Awesome." he said now paying attention to his PSP.

"Hey mom." Zoey, your daughter greeted.

"You slept well Zoey?" you asked lovingly.

"Great thanks. Errrm mom I wanted to ask you about something um.." she started.

"Hey ya'll! Whats going on?" Kyrie asked walking into the room before kissing you tenderly and slightly squeezing your butt.

"Uhm Zoey was about to ask me about something." I replied acting like our mini make out session never happened. "Oh sorry ZoZo." Kyrie said almost teasing your daughter causing a look of disgust on her face which made you laugh a little.

"What I was gonna ask was if I could go on a date tonight. Uhm he's really nice and cute and I really think you would approve. Can I!? Please. Please. Please ma!" she begged. I turned to look at Ky for a look of approval. He didn't look too pleased. "Okay baby you can go on your d..."

"Nope!" Kyrie said disrupting me while eating his breakfast.

"Ma!" Zoey said giving me a sweet look which I couldn't say no to.

I walked towards Kyrie and whispered in his ear. "Baby think about this. We'll have the house to ourselves if we get rid of them. Trust me, I'll make you forget all about Zo's little date." I whispered sexily. Kyrie quickly shifted in his seat and I knew I had this in the bag. "Fine you can go." he said a little sad. "
"But! " he began. "What!?" Zoey asked knowing what was coming. "Your curfew is 10pm and I wanna meet this kid real soon. " Kyrie said sounding like such a dad.

"Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!" She screamed.

"Well if Zoey's going out can I go out too?" Dre asked.

"Sure buddy." you said.

Later that night

You were driving, on your way anticipating the fun night you had ahead of you with your man. You couldn't get home quick enough. As you drove into your large mansion you noticed that most of the lights were off. You walked in but did not find Kyrie anywhere in sight. "Kyrie! Baby!?" you said walking around wondering where he was. Finally you walked into the dining room only to find an awesome surprise.

"Hey baby. How was your day?" Kyrie said acting like what he had done was just average. He was standing at the table which was set up with a candle light dinner.

"Aww babe!" you said walking towards him and giving him a warm long kiss. "My day was great thanks love." you said after finally pulling away. "Sit down. Tonight I'm gonna spoil you my queen." He said sweetly making you blush. He always knew exactly what to say to make you feel good about yourself. "What are we having?" you asked curiously. "Your favourite, then hopefully we can have a change of venue for dessert." he said charmingly. You just gave him a slight smirk and he knew the answer immediately.

After dinner Kyrie simply couldn't wait to get you out of there. "Well why don't you go get comfortable baby. You'll find me in the living room." he said You rushed to your closet and had a change of clothes. You swapped your Louboutins for Uggs and you changed from your formal dress to your sexy lingerie, sweat pants and one of Kyrie's oversized workout shirts. You finally returned to Kyrie who had poured you a glass of Champagne, just what you needed.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" you teased before sitting on his lap. "Definitely." he laughed. "Oh yeah?" you asked with a slight giggle. "But I probably don't even need to get you drunk. I saw the way you were looking at me this morning baby." he joked. You giggled and snuggled into his chest. You looked up only to find Kyrie staring at you lovingly. Soon your lips were locked and he attacked your tongue. You went at it till you felt his hard member knocking at your 'back door' .

You knew what was coming and you couldn't control yourself. Kyrie lifted the workout shirt you were wearing and stared at your body which was now only covered by the lingerie you had put on. Slowly he gave you wet kisses all over your body. This drove you over the edge. You pulled off his shirt and tugged at his pants. He was now on top of you , slamming in and out of you making you arch your back. You had to say that couch was pretty strong. The only thing that covered your bodies was the throw over you had for you couch. Kyrie continued to thrust in and out of you. You were close to your climax and too preoccupied to hear the voices of your children as they walked into the living room.

"Aaaaah ma!!" your son shouted. "I think my eyes are burning!" you heard you daughter yelled sarcastically. You couldn't even move your body from shock and embarrassment. You both quickly began to dress. You now had to speak to your kids about what they had just witnessed. You both rushed to your children's rooms. You knew that you had a lot ahead of you.

"Baby girl." Kyrie said walking into your daughter's room. "Ey!" she said unable to look at you. "Darling we're sorry you had to see that." you apologised. "I'm more sorry than you are."she said sarcastically. You both hid your laughs. "I just can't believe old people still do that." she said disgusted. Once again she made you laugh.

"You know that your mom and I had sex in order to have you right?" Kyrie asked jokingly. "Ew! Where is this conversation going she asked sitting on her bed. "Look, baby it's okay to have sex but it has to be with somebody you love and trust. At this point in your life you might think you're in love with every guy you date which is false." You said

"Very false! " Kyrie emphasised. "The important thing is your dad and I love each other and it is something vital in a couple functional relationship. But that's a conversation for another day." you lectured. "You get it right, baby?" Kyrie asked. "Yeah I get it." she responded.
"We love you baby. Good night." Kyrie said walking out the door. "You're gonna tell me all the details about that date tomorrow." you said winking at your daughter and giving her a kiss on the top of her head before leaving and shutting her door.

"So who's gonna go talk to Dre?" I asked while yawning and heading towards your room. "He's a guy. We forget easily, I'll talk to him tomorrow. As for you. I've got stuff I need to sort out with you.

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