Our first time- @irvxng

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I was sitting taking notes in one of my pre-med classes upstairs at Duke University. My phone vibrated in my bag. At first I was able to ignore it so that I could focus on my lecturer going on and on about the importance of (something medical.) but then it vibrated twice more. I quickly took it out of my bag and saw that I had three messages from my silly boy friend. I smiled as I opened them :

Hey baby. Class is such a drag right.

Look out the window.

I'm down here just to see your beautiful face.

I smiled thinking about how stupid Kyrie could be. I looked out the window only to see a smirking Kyrie mouthing the words "I love you" I shook my head, softly giggled and mouthed the words "Go to class" . He shook his head and said "No". Again I mouthed the words when I was disturbed by the voice of my lecturer calling my name.
"Ms Brown. Is there something disturbing you?" He asked.
"No sir." I said with a nervous smile on my face.
"You seem amused judging by the smile on your face. Why don't you tell me what is so amusing Ms Brown?" He asked with a serious look on his face. I felt my cheeks go red and luckily for me the bell rang and the lecture was over.

I walked out and went down the stairs. I got to the bottom of the stairs to find a smiling Kyrie Irving. I looked at him and didn't smile back like he expected.
"You got me into trouble ya know. " I said trying to look mad.
"What happened?" He asked as we walked through the campus.
"Stein caught me talking to you and he decided to make it a whole public spectacle. It was quite embarrassing dude." I said about to laugh.
Kyrie reached out for my hand and held it as we walked towards our next class. Did I mention I was a double major?

We got to class and the lesson went by rather quickly and the rest of the day followed suit.
I was super tired but I had to ignore that cause I had tones of assignments to complete and I knew that I had to finish all that cause Kyrie had a game tomorrow night and we had a date the night after.

I walked into my dorm room and threw my backpack on my bed, stripped off all my clothes and stepped into the shower. The hot water hit my body and it felt great. I felt my muscles begin to lose tension and soften up. "Baby bend over. Baby bend over. Do that yoga." I sang to the Janelle Monae jam. I heard the door of my dorm shut and it must've been my roommate or Kyrie since I had given him a spare key.

After a few more minutes of being in the shower I stepped out and wrapped a towel around my wet body. I walked into room to find Kyrie lying on my bed and reading one of the magazines I had on my side table. "Hey baby" I smiled trying to act natural since Ky had never seen me this exposed before.
"Sup" he said not even paying attention to me. I walked to my small college closet looking for my black sweatpants and Duke hoodie. I turned away from the closet to ask Kyrie to pass me my perfume when suddenly my towel slipped off and exposed my body. "I...uh..um. Wow." Kyrie said as I picked my towel back up to my exposed body which was still glowing a bit from the wetness. I tried to continue with what I was doing but my mind totally went blank. I had finally thought of something to say when I felt Kyrie's hands come by my hips. "You have a beautiful body and you shouldn't hide it." Kyrie said making me feel a little hot. He moved me a bit signalling for me to turn around and face him. I put my hands around his neck as we shared a kiss unlike before. It was pure magic. The kiss intensified to the point where I was running out of breath. We moved backwards until we reach my desk which was the closest surface we could find.

Gently Kyrie picked me up by my butt and placed me on the desk without breaking the kiss or losing the chemistry between us. I began to feel nervous when I realised what we were about to do. As if he read my mind Kyrie asks "Are you ready for this?" I looked into his eyes and all my worries and insecurities vanished. Unable to use my words I just nodded as we continued to kiss. With one hand on the side of my head and the other by my waist Kyrie began to kiss my neck making me a little wet between the thighs. I felt a cool air and realised that it was the cool breeze coming into my body through the towel which Kyrie had just slipped off my body. He fondled with my exposed breast as I reached for his basketball shorts which I managed to pull off with ease.

He lied me down on the empty desk but before he did anything he kissed my lips gently. "Look baby I don't want to push or force you into something you're not ready for. I'm okay with you being a virgin for as long as you like and I don't want you feeling pressure from me or anyone else. I love you no matter what." he said settling my nerves a little more. I nodded before using my words this time. "I love you Kyrie and I trust you. I'm ready and I want you." I whispered barely able to speak as Ky shoved his 2 fingers into my soaking area. He rubbed gently, making moan. He then took his hand away from my kitty. And instead he put his face which made me squirm a little as he bit my clit. For a while he made out with my slit making me arch my back more and more with every lick. "Aaah...Ohhh" I moaned as Kyrie continued to perform his task well. After several licks I finally came. Ky looked up at me with dark eyes an said "Did you enjoy that baby girl? Cause it's not over yet" . After licking me clean he kissed my lips with so much passion.

I shoved off Kyrie's Blue Devils shirt exposing his chizzled abs. Then I reached for his boxers which were the last item of clothing on either of us. Kyrie looked me into my eyes before slowly entering me with a little less eagerness. "Am I hurting you ?" he asked slowly stroking in and out of me. I responded through my moans as I felt the bitter sweet pleasure of my first time. It hurt like hell for the first few thrusts but eventually it literally became breathtaking. After seeing that the discomfort had left my body Kyrie began to thrust harder and faster satisfying my hunger for more of him. "Deeperrrr" I groaned and he did as I said ,increasing my satisfaction. I looked up at Kyrie who had his eyes closed which was a signal that he was about to reach his climax. "Ah you're so do tight baby....I'm about to cuuuum" he said while thrusting into me deeper than before. My toes curled as I was about to reach my maximum level of satisfaction. Kyrie thrust a few more times as I rubbed my clit. "Aaah! Kyrie!" I moaned as we both finally climaxed.

Breathing heavily Kyrie picked me up off the desk and placed me on my bed and he lay next to me. "I love you, you know that right?" he said then he kissed my cheek. "I know. " I said while feeling a little sleepy. "Why didn't we do this sooner?" I laughed. "Cause I knew you wouldn't be ready. Now go to sleep princess." he said while I was drifting off to sleep. My body would hurt the next day because of Kyrie and I's extracurricular activities but I didn't mind because I wouldn't have had my first time any other way.

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