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Kyrie's POV

"Yeah, I'm here. I can't see where you are though. Oh yeah I see." I said smiling and waving at my best friend as I walked towards her table in the restaurant. The first thing I noticed when seeing her was her gorgeous smile and amazingly long hair due to her Native American roots. I've always had a thing for Jay, some call it a crush and others might say I'm in love but whatever it is I've had to ignore it because she's married.

"Hey Ky!" She smiled as she stood up to hug me.
"I see you've gone right ahead and ordered without me." I said cheekily
"If you had gotten here on time I wouldn't have been forced to do that so sit your tall ass down." She laughed.
I did what she said. We ate and had a few drinks which were accompanied by some great conversation and laughter. The time passed by without us even noticing, our late lunch turned to late drinks and soon we were both a little tipsy.

Jay's POV

Kyrie was the man of my dreams in college. I had fallen so hard for him but soon I realised that we were better off as friends because his schedule and lifestyle could not accommodate a relationship. I've always felt something for Kyrie but I have to wrap that up and keep it in a little box in the back of my heart because after all I am a happily...well married woman.

I felt my phone vibrate bursting my little bubble of bliss. I looked at the caller ID realising that I was in trouble.
"Hey baby." I answered.
"You don't have to yell, I get it...I ... alright. I'm sorry I'll be there now." I said feeling slightly nervous. My little moment of joy was gone. Now I had to get back home and face the music.
"Thank you so much Ky! It was so great to just kick back and catch up but Malcom needs me right now." I giggled trying to sound convincing.

I got into my car and drove fast enough for me to get home in 15 minutes.I opened the door to find Malcom sitting in the living room watching ESPN.

"So what's the issue!? Why did you want me to be home in such a hurry!?" I asked annoyed.
"Bitch you know better than to cheat on me with some fucking useless NBA piece of trash." He said a little too calm considering the words that had just come out of his mouth.
"What the hell are you talking about you know very well that Kyrie and I are just college friends!"I yelled, a little scared to be honest with you.
"You think I'm stupid. Like I haven't seen the way you look at him. It makes me so damn sick." He said pulling me closer to him.
"You think you're better than everyone huh you worthless bitch!" He shouted pulling me by my hair and taking me towards the bedroom. I knew what was to come already, I was going to once again get the beating of my life.

After 1 hour

I stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror with many thoughts racing through my mind.
"Did I deserve this? Am I a worthless bitch? Is this what love is meant to be like?" I felt a stream of tears fall down my face and soon it turned into a sob. I couldn't help but imagine what life would've been like if I had been with Kyrie.

That's when I heard the slamming of the front door, I knew the bastard had gone out to drink like he always did. I knew that being a lawyer was a tough task but that didn't give him the right to be cold hearted. I decided to pack a small bag with all my clothes,laptop and toiletries. I rushed out the door not even knowing where I was going, I just knew it had to be far from here.

I arrived at Kyrie's condo and I just stood at the entrance,I couldn't get myself to knock. After a little while I decided I had to swallow my pride unless I wanted to get my ass beaten again. I didn't even get to the third knock when someone opened the door, it wasn't Kyrie though. It turned out to be one of his bootycalls.
"Can I help you!?" She asked with so much attitude.
"Yeah uhm is Kyrie here?" I asked
"He's busy right now so you can just come back a little later... trick" she said rudely.
"Who is it Aisha!?" Kyrie yelled from the living room I think.
"It's Jay!!" I yelled before the woman could respond.
I heard jogging then Kyrie was at the door.
"Come on in Jay" he said with concern.
"Uhm Aisha you can go home I kinda have other things to sort out bye." He said not even giving her a chance to protest.

Kyrie's POV
"What did he do to you!?" I yelled ready to go and pound his face in.
"No I... He uhm... he didn't mean to do it, it just." She said trying to make excuses for him.
"There's no excuse for what he did to you Jay! No man has the right to
hurt a woman the way that asshole has hurt you! I yelled getting more and more upset." I said
"I don't know what I've done to deserve this. I mean I try to be a good woman but he constantly accuses me of sleeping with every man I'm friendly with. I... I can't do this anymore Kyrie. I can't!" She broke down.
I couldn't help but feel rage and pain as I watched the woman I love have her heart broken by a man who did not deserve her.

Jay's POV

"Come here." Kyrie said to me calmly as he held me in his arms. I cried and soon my tears came to a stop. I looked up from Kyrie's chest only to find him in deep thought.
"Jay you know that I've... I'm... I love you and you're the only woman I've ever wanted to be with. You don't deserve to be treated the way Malcom treats you. I swear if you were with me I'd..." Kyrie was stopped by the sound of someone banging on the door.
"Open the fucking door!!" A man yelled
"Jay I know you're in there you whore! Open the damn door! "He yelled. Soon it was obvious that the man was Malcom.
Kyrie opened the door for him and he came sprinting towards me, he yelled something I couldn't understand then he grabbed my hair and pulled me towards the door.
"What the hell do you think you're doing man?" Kyrie asked.
"This is my wife and you have no fucking right to..." and before Malcom could finish Ky came straight at him and punched him in the face. It quickly turned into a fist fight which Kyrie was winning. Malcom was on the floor and he quickly jumped up putting his hands in the air as if to say that he had given up.
"Get the hell out man and I better not see your ass near her again otherwise I'll be forced to kick your ass once again." Kyrie warned.
"I want a divorce and I'm getting half of everything you're worth. You can definitely bet on that." I said with attitude.
"We'll see about that" he said smugly walking out the door with a limp.

Kyrie sat down while I rushed to the kitchen to get an icepack and the first aid box. I attended to his wounds as we sat on his couch and enjoyed the silence. I broke the silence by saying "Thank you. I'm eternally grateful for you and everything that you've done for me and I... I love you too Kyrie, I have for a long." . His lips came crashing into mine as we shared an intimate and long kiss. After about 10 minutes of just going at it Kyrie picked me up and took me up to his room.

He lay me down and stripped me of my clothes. I pulled down his joggers and soon we were making love as if we were in a magical trance. His lips caressed my skin as he pounded in and out of me. He began to quicken the pace and he soon hit my g-spot. After a while I reached my climax and he came after me. He collapsed next to me and held me as we enjoyed a moment of peace and happiness.

"I love you Jay and I just want you to know that. We don't have to be together now cause I know you won't be ready but know that when you are I'll be there.' Kyrie said lovingly.
'Kyrie I love you too! More than words could express. You're my hero, my lover and most importantly my best friend. " I said before I fell asleep in his arms.

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