Best position possible- @Campanellino

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Anela's POV
"You can totally do this Els don't even stress about it the way you'redoing right now. You definitely got this,just prepare your presentation and I know they will love your designs and ideas. Okay?" my co-worker and best friend said to me. I was preparing for my first design presentation

." It's more than a big deal to me, if I get this position in the project it could open so many doors for my career Beverly!" I said panicking.
"You don't have to tell me that, I know Els, which is why I'm telling you to chill out. You're not like this normally, don't let this turn you into a nervous freak!" Bev half yelled at me. She was right you know, I'm usually under control and confident but I really needed this gig and I was presenting to THE Kyrie Irving, his team AND my boss who could potentially give me a position.

The next morning.

I woke up to the sound of tumultuous noises when I realised it was my alarm clock. I got up and did the regular morning routine. My outfit was semi formal because I still needed to have some of my personal style reflected through my clothing.

"Good morning. As you all know the agenda for today's meeting is to establish the head designer of Kyrie Irving's new shoe brand. We will begin the 3 presentations when Kyrie and his team get here. They are running late due to unforseen circumstances." said the boss. As if on cue Kyrie's manager and himself walked into the room made of glass windows. They sat down quietly and greeted everyone politely.

It was now my time to shine. My turn to go. The head of branded training shoes for Nike, Kyrie Irving and all my peers had their eyes on me expecting great things.

Kyrie's POV

Gorgeous,all that I could think about was how gorgeous she was. The most amazingly toned legs that looked like they went on forever. She had the curves in all the right places,her plump behind and firm breasts drove me crazy. She had the most glorious shiny hair. She drew so much attention as if she had her own personal spotlight. Of all of the amazing things about her my favourite was how smart she was.

During her presentation I couldn't help but fantasise over her and making her scream my name. Eventually the presentations were over and all could think about was her. "Firstly I'd like to thank Nike for this opportunity and thank you so much to the candidates for putting so much thought and effort into these incredible designs." I said.

Anela's POV

"We'll be in touch." Kyrie's manager said as they walked out the door. Something magical happened, Ky flashed me the most mesmerising smile ... "Meet me out outside" he mouthed. I was stuck sitting there when everyone left wondering if my mind was fucking with me or if it was all in my head. Finally I bucked up the courage walked outside the office only to find Kyrie Irving standing in front of my office building. He smiled and walked over to me. "Hey. I'm...". "Are you fucking around with me?" I said interrupting him. " Uh no, why, would I, what made you... uh no." he muttered clearly confused by my question but still very gentlemanly.
" I'm sorry, I just assumed that the only reason someone like you would speak to me was to just use me or play around with me. So what is it that you want?" I asked abruptly. " I was thinking I could come by the office or we could meet somewhere later and discuss your ideas further. I think you really do have an eye for innovation and you're also something nice to look at." he said trying to charm his way into me accepting his offer. " Yes sure. I saw the way you looked at me in there so we should meet at the office know minimise your temptation." I said laughing. "Yeah you're probably right, you're all I could think about in there. " he said pointing at the Nike building next to us. "18:30 too late for you!?" I asked. "No it's perfect." he replied









The hours went by and as every minute passed my anger and frustration increased. I tried sorting out files, refining my sketches, reorganising my idea board but all I could manage to do was check my phone for messages and look at the time go by when suddenly my thoughts were disturbed by the sound of someone knocking on my tiny office's door. "You're late, I get that I'm working for you and all but you need to realise that aside from work I have shit to do. This might come as a shock to you but I have a life too an..." my lips stopped moving for a second and resumed movement a second later except this time they were moving in sync with Kyrie's, our lips were attached and soon his warm tongue was in my mouth. He gently tugged at my hair and I put my hands on either side of his face as our tongues attacked one another. For some glorious time we were in sync, we were lost in a synergy of sparks as we simply enjoyed each other. Quickly and effortlessly he pushed aside everything on my desk whilst still carrying me and kissing me passionately. Soon my skirt was around my stomach, my panty around my ankles and Kyrie Irving between my thighs. "Ahhhh..." I groaned with my hands around his neck. Slowly I felt his member slide into me making my curl my toes and arch my back. Back and forth we went as he thrust into me, each time getting me closer to my release. He went into me as he played with my clit, making the experience feel more and more like ecstacy with each magical time he entered me. "Damn baby I'm about to... mmmmh" Kyrie growled as I felt his warm juices released inside of my. "That was amazing." I breathed as some of Kyrie's juices flow from my inside. "I think we should work on my sneakers and brand together more often."Kyrie said satisfied. "Does that mean I got the job!?" I asked pensively. " Well more than that, it means I also wanna take you out for coffee today." he said. "Today!?" I asked confused. "Yeah, it is 12:03 am." he laughed. "Before we do that, I think we have time for one more... um... 'draft'." I sexily said in between kisses

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